You wanna see an undisciplined program

Some of our biggest fights in yesteryears was against the Aggies no matter where we played.


Cougar alum from Hobbs, NM. Can tell you basketball is absolutely serious business in SENM.


Total aside, but #31 for the Cowboys there, George Teague, was a seriously good dude.

It’s the reason why our Memphis game is the one people look forward too because we get into it with them

At least the coach’s weren’t stomping on the logo and half heartedly tried to usher the players off the center court.

Teague took a woeful JP II TAPPS football team from nada to the state title game against top-rated Parish when Preston Stone was QB. Unfortunately, now he’s solely the AD and the team stinks again.

A somewhat related story that some of you might find interesting. My dad was from rural SW NM and played basketball as a freshman in 1949 at, what was then, NM A&M in scenic Las Cruses. We found much joy calling dad an Aggie – something he took great offense at. NM A&M has since been renamed to NM State, hence this post.

In 1950, President Truman sent dad a letter informing him that his National Guard unit was being called up for Korea (gulp), which ended his illustrious academic and basketball career at NM A&M. At the end of the war, dad was discharged from the Army with one year of college credits, no job, no skills, and no prospects. His uncle was in the oil business in Tulsa and got him a job in Houston working on a seismograph crew for Humble Oil (the predecessor to Exxon). That job, plus the GI Bill, got him through his BBA (55?) and JD (57?) at UH where he became a lifelong, rabid Coog. While he wasn’t a big cigar donor, he rarely missed an opportunity to go to football and basketball games (UH/UCLA in the dome, the ND ice bowl, and many looooong round trips to SWC games (growing up poor, dad considered hotels as an extravagance – we even made the trip back to Houston after the ice bowl)). During PSJ, he claimed to have shown Larry Micheaux how to shoot free throws and to get him to make 10 in a row in practice. Later in life, he got to play a round of golf with Coach Yeoman and their picture together is next to his granddaughter’s pictures in my parents den. We lost him in 2019 and miss him terribly, especially at games (where he was known to yell, “its all over ____” when it was apparent we were going to win. He was right most of the time :^/ ).

So back to NM State vs UNM. While dad would have outwardly disapproved of his fellow Aggie’s antics, inwardly I imagine that he was laughing his ass off. Cheers dad!


Great story @GenTwoCoog!!!

I can argue and say there is nothing better then Houston Cougars basketball in Houston.


Yes. Read the above discussion, plus you have options in Houston. Love the sentiment, but we’re not a priority. Much more UNM basketball talk on their sports talk radio compared to UH basketball talk on Houston sports talk radio, sadly.

I bet Sam Lacey was laughing along with your dad.

Not familiar with Sam. Who is / was he?

Played Center for NMSU in late 60s. Prob they’re best player to come out of that School. But the NMSU experts can decide that. Had 10+ yr career in NBA. Big broad man. Think Wes Unseld but few inches taller.

I stomp on aggie logos every chance I get.