You wanna see an undisciplined program

New Mexico St beats New Mexico at the buzzer. Check out the antics afterwards.

I’ll gladly be rooting for Utah Valley or Grand Canyon to beat this team.

I’ve read Twitter posts and apparently New Mexico stomped on NMSUs logo before this game. So tonight was payback.

Congrats you’re both buffoons!! That type of childish stuff wouldn’t happen at UH.

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New Mexico basketball is serious business.


Pff. They beat them on a miracle circus shot. I’d consider myself lucky… that the student body didn’t mob and stomp them.

If they did that at UH thats what id expect the students to do.

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lol that is what makes rivalries fun… i dont have a problem with that…


Impressive crowd. CKS would die for a crowd like that.


LMAO if we did this at TAMU or UT and we rushed the court yeah I’d stomp on their logo.

More UT, I’ll keep respect to the Aggies.

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Like when smu stamped there flag on tcu logo haha I think it’s fun like who cares. Old heads always ruining the fun :joy:

This. It’s a logo, folks. Foot stomping a logo is barely PG. No damage inflicted, nothing crude said or gestured, no physical altercation or brawl so it’s a pass in my book. I wish we had an active rivalry that was a crumb of that intensity. Didn’t Rob Gray get into with Cincy fans one time and shushed them? lol


That’s the one and only thing they have in Albuquerque. UNM basketball. Yes they have football, but no one’s kidding themselves. UNM basketball owns the city. It’s their “pro” team.

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Did you see that packed arena? I hate to say it, but hate makes a great rivalry game.

It’s a rivalry. This stuff happens in rivalries.

Pure class……maybe they are just frustrated because they have to live in Las Cruces.


There’s a lot of truth to that. My grandpa was born and raised in Eastern NM. Basketball was THE sport back then, because they didn’t have enough boys in the school to field a football or baseball team. I imagine it was the same story all over NM.

Basketball is also a sport that Native Americans love. Be the Navajo Nation, Hopi Nation or Apache Nation basketball is huge.


I get it in football, taking your flag and spiking into the opponents field after a win. Looks cool.

But, grown ass men, jumping up and down and spitting on a logo. Looked kinda childish to me.

Go taunt the student section. That would be better…

NMSU, has been to the tournament 7 times in last 10 years. It’s a winning program. That’s not what a winning program does, in my opinion.

Both schools hate each other. Stupid but it is what it is.

Just curious what kind of smack UNM was running before that game. Or what was the crowd saying/taunting during the game. That whole event looked bad/silly…but we have no idea if there were precursor events leading up to that.

A$$ Hats

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