Young to transfer

Any chance he will land at uh? Or still to much bad blood?

We should move on.

His statement:
Would be a good addition but also an unnecessary one

Move on!! Better n bigger fish out there.

Probably time to move on, but whatever coach Sampson thinks is best for the team I am all it…


It is my strongest wish that someday these fences are mended.

Nothing is gained by bad blood.


Was he very successful at UT? Better than his older brother?

best response maybe would be like his Dad’s brief NBA career. Expected more. This season was up/down only reason he was getting more playing time at end of yr was when E. Davis got susp bec of alleged 1500.00 payment from Agent. Best gm was BIG12 Tourney against TX TECH.

Don’t want any of those soft, entitled prima donnas from UT. Classic underachievers


Blutarsky’s GPA was higher than the chances of Jacob Young transferring here.


I believe the current staff and M.Young are on good terms and have seen Young make appearances on local TV supporting the Coogs (just not at games). Most of the people he had issues with are long gone.

Now, Joe Young is a different story.

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What are the previous issues about? I know he was on the previous two coaching staffs and ended up getting kicked off both of them.

Thanks! I don’t know how I missed that whole story!

That’s really awesome. I didn’t know about that, thanks PRay.

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Don’t really want anymore drama with daddy.
So, no thank you.


I certainly don’t hold a grudge because of the mess that happened with Joe. Kicking Michael off the staff was a judgment call and obviously he’s not going to be on the staff if Jacob were to play here, but Rhodes/Dalton and co. were pretty childish basically trying to prevent Joe from getting a waiver to play at Oregon after firing his dad, which was why the suit was filed.

Ironically, firing Michael and Joe transferring ended up being one of the best things that could have happened for our program. If Joe doesn’t transfer Dickey probably lasts at least one more year and we don’t get Coach Sampson.

All that said, even if there’s no bad blood it doesn’t really seem like Jacob would warrant running someone off, especially since he likely wouldn’t be eligible to play next year.

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Agreed with all these. I find it odd sometimes to see people who vigorously disliked, or at the very least were fairly critical of Rhodes and his lieutenants, siding with those guys over one of the best players in program history.

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he wasnt even good at UT his first 2 seasons.

Personally I could care less what Michael or his sons do…Michael will always be a Cougar and certainly was one of UH’s all time great shooters, but other than that we move on. If the fences get mended then great, if not, then we all move on…