You're a student again. What chants, traditions, gameday things, do you want to see?

A fun question to see things from different years or what would make the commentators talk about our atmosphere.

Fun thing, watching the “OVERRATED” chant when UH beat Louisville in 2016.

I’ll flip it. Dumbest chant I’ve ever heard by us is Harvard Rejects to Rice… idiocy.

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Here’s a controversial one: either reimagine or get rid of The Frontiersmen. They’re out of place in UH’s game day presentation. Why do we have dudes in dusters and cowboy hats on the sidelines? Who thinks “Houston” (be it University of or City of) and associates us with that kind of imagery, especially once we’re in a conference that has schools in Lubbock, Fort Worth, and Stillwater? It’s up there with palm trees in terms of just completely nonsensical things UH has done.

Also, throw some chrome elbows on the helmet car. For the culture.


Let’s bring out Shasta without a leash


Houston Cougars right before kick off.

The One where the honors college throws the girl after every touchdown and where they write go coogs and it doesn’t look bad

The fireworks after a win

Idk can’t think of everything else.


I liked it at the Rob when the band would march through the tailgates.

I also liked when the Cougar Brass would split up and hit different portals in all parts of the stadium and basically play an Eat Em Up or two for each section after halftime.

I can’t remember if they ever did it at the Rob or TDECU - definitely used to happen at the Dome.


Oh, I forgot to mention: Bring back Live Shasta.


For the big 12 , bring back a live shasta


I thought the Air Raid siren was a good tradition until it ended. Was jarring to see it go.


Blasting Houston by the Gatlin Brothers over the loudspeakers at halftime or pregame would be fun. You could use it as a sort of signal to fans that they need to get in their seats. Larry Gatlin played WR at UH, and was apparently responsible for 6 of the 100 points scored against Tulsa.


This Larry Gatlin, yeah?




This one?


Ah, yes. The very same.

I would like to see a winning tradition again…

I did like the cheerleaders holding up the HOUSTON sign on one side and COUGARS on the other. Got pretty loud when it was a packed house.


My buddy got into Carnegie Mellon but was waitlisted at Rice…

Bring back “f#!& up some commas” for third downs! Defense loved it

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Are you saying that’s not the same Larry Gatlin?

I’m saying it is, and he’s been pretty much exclusively a Longhorn since he graduated.

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I mean I see where he says he grew up a longhorn fan and was friends with DKR/MB. He is a Texas country legend after all. But he played at UH and also says he’s a proud UH alum and was close friends with BY too. He’s also been back to campus for various things fairly recently. Anyway, not sure why it even matters. We celebrate rappers that attended UH for like a semester…

Also, the point is to find something that engages the fanbase. I think a catchy song about Houston that everyone recognizes, and was written by a guy that literally played football at UH might be engaging.


My guy, I hate to break this to you, but Larry Gatlin hasn’t charted in over 30 years. Out of the 40,000 students on campus, I’d be willing to bet no more than 100 of them know the song. I’d lay favorable odds that if you surveyed the campus and asked if they know who Larry Gatlin is, the majority of “Yes” responses would come from folks who think he’s known for his BBQ joint over on Ella.