Youtube: The New Big 12, who finds success?


Not sure if this has been posted, but click on the link, and go to the 9:45 mark.

It’s a discussion on which team will emerge as dominant in the “new” Big 12 after UT and OU depart.

You’ll like it!


Thanks for posting.
It was interesting.

Good stuff! Thanks for posting!

I love the part where he confirms my priors. (Said ironically… and seriously.)

Where can I get my Big12 belt buckle … :wink:

Belt buckle … schmelt buckle … I will be flying my LARGE UH flag during the season …

My brother is flying his UH flag in Austin with a bunch of Aggies around him flying theirs … UNBELIEVABLY there are no cows flying theirs in south Austin …???


The whorns around them are too ashamed.


Forgot to post this in one.
“Now that we know that BYU, UCF, Cincinnati and Houston are joining the Big 12 Conference in 2023, who will the new bottom feeders be in the Big 12? It’s hard to tell, but we will discuss.”

Start to 13:00. New teams at 9:15.
UH at 11:23 = “Dana is a big excuse guy. Lets be honest”.

Here’s what the show misses. The new schools will be getting more legit P5 talent as we spend more time in the Big XII. He assumes nobody recruits better, or that’s my take.


These guys throw things together on the fly. BTW I sat back and read hundreds of posts over the decade telling me OU and OSU couldn’t be separated. It was written in the OK constitution or on some rune stone in Heavener. Whatever happened to that well-polished piece of internet lore?


Yeah! That was a dang lie i believed!