Yuck - UCF game 11 am on ESPNU

Should be cooler by then, right?

Lets people go to Halloween parties that night.

I don’t get the angst. Sorry.

Agreed. This is a good slot, but we are on the dreaded ESPNU!

I remember when a few seasons back we were happy it was ESPN U and not CBS Sports Network or South West Sports Network or other random stations.


CBS Sports Network :rage:

Hope we’re never on there again.


ESPNU is fine for “lesser” games.

It’s ESPNews that sucks. Not even tracked by Nielsen anymore.

The way we’ve played Defense that past two weeks… it’s a miracle they didn’t put us WatchESPN App.

The luster has worn off (Hopefully temporarily)… hoping we can win big at SMU and bring back some of the shine, this program has earned and get people talking about UH the way we deserve.

Last week leading into Tulsa, it was what happened to Houston, this week it’s been, Houston didn’t look that great against Tulsa.

Until we start piling on some points and win big… we’ll have many more 11am games.

Yeah I am sure ratings have games that come down to the final seconds…

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