Zac Spavital

I wonder if Major Applewhite has a good relationship with Zac Spavital. I also wonder if anyone from the UH athletics department has been in touch with Zac’s agent.

Zac was our DB coach from 2008-10 and then our DB/Recruiting Coordinator from 2011-14. [Current co-defensive coordinator at Texas Tech.]


Interesting…I would take him.
Since Bowman went down TTU has been bad. Ther new QB could not hit water falling out of a boat. So now that TTU can’t score they let the QB run and are now running clock.


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I’ll drink to that.

We are all assuming that D’O will be terminated, which is just an assumption. I really don’t have a clue as to who we will replace him with if he is. Spavital and Gibbs are names we are familiar with and Sapv has a reputation as a recruiter. But I would want someone that doesn’t believe in bend but don’t break defenses.