Zach Calzada

Transferring out of A&M. Not the most talented QB to come down the pike, but a tough, gutsy football player. The Aggies will be razor thin at QB next season unless their prized QB recruit quickly gets up to speed. Otherwise, the Aggies could be looking at another disappointing finish in the SEC West.

if there’s one thing they are good at, its purging QB’s thats for sure.


Kid has an amazing arm.

Weigman is enrolling next month and said he wont be playing on A&M’s baseball team until Spring 2023. So he’ll have 9 months to get ready. Seems like Jimbo planned on this happening.

Haynes king will be back and they are bringing in weigman. Wouldnt exactly call that razor thin.

Weigman won the TD Club OPOY. He is the real deal.

After watching highlights of Weigman, Calzada is making the correct move. King may want to follow him.

I concur they won’t be razor thin IF the young QB is brought up to speed quickly enough to take on the elite SEC teams - he obviously has the physical tools to do so - and/or King remains healthy. Maybe it was my just wishing bad results on Jimbo and the 2022 Aggies. :smiley:

They may be playing a walk-on in their bowl game!!!

King is now practicing for the bowl.

A&M also has a transfer portal prediction from Max Johnson. Young former 4star qb. If anything that room is getting real crowded. Sounds like Jimbo is not too happy he had to play calzada this year

Whoever ends up with Cam Ward is going to be happy, he can sling it.


No doubt. That would be a dream scenario. Im a little worried because ole miss is after him. I was hoping they would land dillon gabriel and drop out of the ward sweepstakes, but looks like hes going to ucla

Elf went to Wazzou as OC. Maybe a follow to Pullman?

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Say what you will about his reads and foot work, but that kid has two things going for him him: balls and an absolute cannon for an arm.

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