#2 seed?

(Randy Worrell) #1

What scenario do you see happen in the conference tournaments that could get us to a 2 SEED?

(Grant) #2

LSU gets knocked out before the semis. Tech also has to lose early. And UH takes care of business beating UCF and Cincinnati.

At a minimum I think.

(Dan) #3

I just don’t see the following teams being off the 1-2 line regardless of what happens in conf tournaments:

Big 10 Flavor of the week

That’s 7 right there. Only one spot left.

(Grant) #4

Which would go to LSU or Tech right now. UH could get there is they beat the two other best AAC teams again and they lose early.

It’s a long shot but possible.

(Munzell Milluns) #5

Could happen.

(Jimmy Morris) #6

I wouldn’t worry too much about the two seed anyway. Our location is more important. A two seed and three seed have relatively the same path.

(VancouverCOOG) #7

2 more wins, I think.

(Matt Jackson) #8

Let me preface my comments by saying I think Gonzaga is a good team.

Now…someone has to explain to me why Gonzaga is a #1 and UH is a #3. Look at their resumes.


    4-3 6-0

5-2 9-0

and UH can add 2 MORE QUAD 1 Wins!!!

(Grant) #9

2 seed guarantees Tulsa. 3 seed is more murky with Tech and potentially LSU.

(Grant) #10

And with a very similar SOS.

They have been living on the preseason ranking and a very early win over Duke on a neutral court. They hadn’t really beaten anyone all year outside of that.

UH resume is more impressive overall in my mind. Not saying we’re clearly a better team but it is interesting.


The other thing to remember about the seeding is that it will all be done before the AAC Final is over. Probably before it starts. UH won’t have the chance to add a third win over Cincinnati to improve seeding. Mich/Mich St./Purdue/TTU/LSU in addition to the teams listed above. Last Sunday’s beat down probably opened some eyes, but that’s a lot of really good teams to get past to get to the 2 line. It’s not impossible, but the odds are against it all breaking the right way.

(Dan) #12

It’s subjective, Zags beat Duke in Hawaii when Duke was thought of as an unstoppable juggernaut this year. They also played Tenn who were top 3 for much of the year. They’ve rubbed elbows with the big boys this year. Our LSU win was nice but they’re not Duke. Finally, the NCAA needs a team at the top to keep west coast interested. The P12 is way down this year, insert Zags.

(Jimmy Morris) #13

You are comparing resumes right after Gonzaga had it’s worst loss by far of the year and before Houston has played a single tournament game. For all we know, Gonzaga fell to a two after the loss. If we win out tourney, we might move up to a 2. If we don’t win our tourney, then it greatly depends on who we lose before we compare resumes. Their resume clearly looked better than ours before the Saint Mary’s loss.

(Matt Jackson) #14

Yeah that’s where we’ll agree to disagree. UH had an equal if not better Quad 1 and 2 win list. A blowout @cincy is better than any non duke win in gonzaga’s Season imo. LSU and Duke are basically the same too considering the achievement of both teams. Gonzaga is a great team, but it is name brand is fueling its season to some extent.

(Randy Randel) #15

I caught the Inside College Basketball show on CBS Sports last nite. They were talking about LSU having a shot at a #1 seed but never mentioned UH in that conversation. I don’t get why you wouldn’t consider UH if you were going to put LSU in that mix.

They did have a segment where they went thru all of the major league tourneys and evaluated the #1 seed in each conference versus the “field”. All agreed they’d take UH against everybody else to win the tourney title.

FYI, there have been 9 #1 seeds so far that haven’t won their league tourney

(Jimmy Morris) #16


Yep, definitely have to agree to disagree. Especially saying a neutral site win against Duke is “basically the same” as a home game against LSU. ???

(Matt Jackson) #17

LSU won its conference. Duke finished 3rd in its conference.

(Ben B) #18

The committee has previously said that they make a couple of different brackets on Saturday to account for different scenarios for the finals. Then after the games they use the one that matches.

(Dan) #19

Some interesting discussions on Twitter on Zags vs us seeding after their loss last night. We are earning some respect out there. If we can win the AAC tournament we’ll be a hot name.

(Jimmy Morris) #20

So now we are saying a home victory against LSU in December is equal to a neutral site victory against Duke in November because North Carolina is better than Duke when Zion is out. Now it’s getting clearer.