2018 UH Bowl Projections Thread

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1st of many:
“Dec. 20 Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl FAU vs. Houston”



Not sure how Army would get in the Military Bowl. Pretty much a guarantee that will be AAC vs ACC


Houston (12-0) vs. Texas (9-3)

2019 Peach Bowl

(Alfred Matthews) #4

new years six or bust.

if not then we better be in a bowl where we face a p5 school.

(Alfred Matthews) #5

also its no way in hell ucf goes back to a new years 6 bowl with the coaching turnover. i think they will have a similar season we did last season under Applewhite.

(Mike Higdon) #6

Or what, you will hold your breath until your face turns blue?

(Alfred Matthews) #7

nope. we cant afford to have another season like last year and as a fan you shouldn’t settle for it either.


Lol No one wants to settle for it. There are just some things in this world beyond our control.

(Dustin K) #9

That would be fun. Not as fun as Texas not being bowl eligible.

(Alfred Matthews) #10

we can control it.


No way a 9-3 whorns team gets NY6 bid.

(Tom) #12

Isn’t it a Fiesta this year ?


What can we(fans) do but accept whatever season we end up having this year?

(Patrick) #14

Fiesta or Peach, but probably Fiesta since they have the last choice out of the NY6 bowls.

(Dustin K) #15

You don’t think Peach may want to choose Houston considering we traveled well previously.

(Patrick) #16

Depends on who else is available. If it’s between us and, say Iowa State, Arizona State, or Wake Forest, we might get strong consideration. But, more than likely we’ll be in there with Auburn, Georgia, Ohio State, USC, etc. no way the Peach Bowl will take us over them.

(Alfred Matthews) #17

make our voice heard.


I’m not sure how that will improve the play on the field.

(Patrick) #19

They have Boise State taking the Non-P5 slot.

(Alfred Matthews) #20

if by some reason this team not making a new years 6 bowl i wont mind the armed forces bowl again since its against a p5 school. plus its on a Saturday which means more people would go.