2018 Weekly TV Ratings

(Patrick) #1

Nothing from David Barron on local ratings, but the Coogs did well in National ratings:


Do you know how they do it with the combined rating? No way to tell which game got what viewers? I was thinking the ratings might be bad since it was a blowout.

(Patrick) #3

No real way to tell as they don’t break it down by region. Sometimes, you can find local ratings from local reporters, but Nielsen ratings tend to be hard to find.


It’s odd they combined both games and I believe in the market where it wasn’t on ABC it would be on ESPN2?

(Patrick) #5

It would help if I opened the drop down tab when looking at David Barron’s articles…if I did that, I would have found the local ratings from last week:

Coogs got the 2nd most viewers this past weekend, and it wasn’t close between them and 3rd place. Only A&M-Clemson in primetime did better:

By the way, that’s much better than the 56K that watched our game against Arizona last year on ESPNU. And a higher rating than any game we had last year (less total viewers than the Texas Tech game which did a 4.5/196K).

(Patrick) #6

And here were the local ratings from Week 1:

We were on CBSSports so we weren’t counted, but we did go head to head with the Oregon St-Ohio State, UT-MD, and Ole Miss-Tech games. None of those games did great numbers which leads me to assume that our game against Rice probably bit into those quite a bit.


You can’t say that UH doesn’t help deliver the Houston market. UH is a great TV draw and we are still in our infancy. If we can keep the sucess level up, 5-10 years from now the ratings will be enormous.






Coogs are a fun team to watch for the casual viewer

(Patrick) #11

Week 3 ratings. 2nd highest rating on FOX in the Houston area this season (only 3 games so far; 2 this week and UCLA-OU last week). Local rating did 10K less than Arizona-UH game,

So far this season, Coogs have 2 of the 5 highest viewer counts in the Houston area and 2 of the 6 highest ratings.

Nationally, the game was the 6th highest rated game (out of 7) FOX broadcasts this year. Lot of close games going on at the time. Coogs still have the top 2 rated games (tie with USF for Week 2 due to the mirror) by AAC teams so far this season.