2019 Coaching Carousel (Non-UH)


Martin pulled out.

Also, the final four is great, but his team was a 7 seed that year. That’s been his only appearance in the tourney since getting there (7 years) and it was 2 years ago. He made the NIT once, the year before they got to the final four. He got Kstate to the tourney consistently, though and this year’s team came on strong in conference play. I can understand why Cincy fans weren’t enamored.

(Russel ) #103

Seems like alot of their fans really like Nick Van Exel…Not sure if he can recruit like Penny can. I would think he would most likely turn out to be what Avery Johnson was at Alabama.

(Patrick) #104

Cumberland said today that he isn’t sure about returning. Guess he’s waiting to see who gets hired. Didn’t specifically say he’d test the NBA so I guess he could transfer.


I was pretty certain he was going to declare outright. Guess I was wrong. It’s happened a few times…this week.

(Patrick) #106

I think he’s looked at like Rob Gray: good college scorer, but may have already hit his ceiling in college and doesn’t project well at the next level.

Doesn’t mean that he won’t eventually get to the NBA, but guessing he’d probably have to grind a bit.


Seems like a terrible idea. NVE has 1 season of college experience as an assistant at TSU in 2009-2010. He has only 1 season of head coaching experience with the G League.

Penny was deeply connected to the top talent in Memphis and was almost guaranteed to sign a monster class this year. Memphis had to weigh that against the risk he wouldn’t be a good coach at the college level or that it might take him some time to grow into it. NVE brings that risk without the tradeoff that he’ll be able to put together a monster first class.

I really hope Cincy doesn’t make this move. I want good teams in our conference. It could work out but seems like a huge risk.

(srassen7) #108

Totally agree with this.

I am imagining Mick having a rage stroke after 5 minutes on an LA freeway. Its a world different than Cincy, to be sure.

(srassen7) #109

Thankfully for Cincy it seems like Van Exel talk has cooled down.

They have a great coach across the river less than 10 miles away in John Brannen. He’s won 72 games and gone to the NCAAs twice in the last 3 years at a very new D1 program.

(Eric) #110


Good hire for them IMO. He did well in region a decade ago. I don’t think he did well with managing higher end talent.

(Drew) #112

Great hire. Alford is a good coach.

(Munzell Milluns) #113

Make no mistake. Alford knows the game…two years and he dominates there.

(Randy ) #114

Who got the best coach between Nevada, UCLA, and Arkansas? It might be Nevada.

(Patrick) #115

Frank Martin decided against interviewing with Cincy.

(Patrick) #116

_“They haven’t told me anything,” Cumberland said. _

Cumberland, of course, is more than an interested bystander. He’s the reigning American Athletic Conference player of the year.

Cumberland said he has not decided whether to return or not.

“I’m still looking at things,” he said Friday.

(Russel ) #117

I would agree…


Appears John Brannen new Cincy coach

(Munzell Milluns) #119

That’s a great hire.

(Patrick) #120

Very solid hire. Will be interesting to see what happens to the roster though. He’s a different type of coach then Cronin was; much more uptempo.

Cincy also will lose their top assistant to UCLA now.

(srassen7) #121

I watched them in person vs Tech in the opening game of the Tulsa site. They did a good job on Culver defensively and stayed in it vs Tech longer than I expected.