2019 Non-Cougar Tournament Game talk

(Randy Randel) #203

Altman did a helluva job. I kept reading on this board about how Oregon sucked because they lost to TSU in November. We lost to Drexel last November.


Lets stick to the main facts: We beat Oregon this season!

(Mike Higdon) #205

Well, my sweet 16 is/was
Duke - Miss St
LSU - Mich St.
Gonz - Murray St.
Buf - Mich
OU - Oregon
Nova - TN
UNC - Auburn

Elite 8
Duke - Mich St.
Gonz - Buf
OU - Nova

Final 4
Duke - Gonz
Nova - UH

Final: UH upsets Duke for the National Championship :tada: :confetti_ball: :balloon: :sparkler: :fireworks:

(Munzell Milluns) #206

poppin bottles?


Iona up on the Cheaters by five at the half.


Golden Knights representing (so far)

(Dan) #209

Shout out to UCF with a comfortable win. Just shows major conference tournaments mean jack squat for tourney lock teams. Cincy can go cry in their cute little trophy while us and the Knights made over 3 million dollars for the conference tonight.

(Ben B) #210

Cinci Had a better shot at making it to sweet 16. Really sucks they didn’t take care of business.


Since AAC was formed Cinci has made about 8 million more for the conference than we have in tourney credits. No reason just because we made it to round of 32 to trash them.


Lsu gagging

(Jimmy Morris) #213

Only if you ignore Cincy’s tourney history. When was the last time Cincy beat a 2 seed? I’ll take my chances with UCF having no history. haha



Hey we beat them.

Go UCF and Oregon. We will have beaten almost a quarter of the Sweet 16 field.

(Jimmy Morris) #216

Should have gone to overtime. Could have been called for a carry and then even more so, traveling. Was clearly 3 steps off his last dribble.


LSU may end up getting SMU-like sanctions, but they’re also getting serious $$$ from their two tournament wins.

(Jimmy Morris) #218

SMU sanctions would include erasing the wins.


They ain’t erasing our win over them.

No vaca-ing that.

(Fred) #220

LSU is dirty and has been for years. They may have to vacate wins, like Michigan’s three year losing streak with the Fab Five. But I don’t ever see the NCAA ever shutting down a P5 team for a year.


By SMU-like sanctions, I’m meaning SMU/Larry Brown era sanctions.

(Jimmy Morris) #222

SMU had no tourney wins to erase under Brown. The fact they were ineligible the next season for post season play tells me any wins the previous year would have been vacated.


The wins may be vacated…but the $$$ won’t be.