2019 Non-Cougar Tournament Game talk


No conference was more overrated by the committee than the Big Least

(Patrick) #245

Good start for Auburn; up 30-15 so far.


I hope they boat race Kansas.

(Patrick) #247

Yep, as soon as Nova loses, conference will be done.

Big 12 only has 2 teams if Kansas continues to lose (down 19 now). Tech plays Buffalo before our game and then Oklahoma gets Virginia. They started with 6.


Getting UGLY for Kansas…down 49 - 25

(Patrick) #249

This Auburn team is scary when they’re hitting their 3’s.

51-25 Auburn at half


This proves Big12 was overrated, not that they were too good and beating up on each other…that lie slmost got UT in the Tourney.

(Patrick) #251

Auburn is 13-22 from 3 now.

Would be an interesting match-up for us if we played them in the Elite 8. Got to beat Ohio State first.

(Patrick) #252

@CougarM has been beating that drum for awhile now.

Wasn’t just UT. Lot of folks thought TCU should make it as well before the conference tourney.


No body mentioned Memphis got whipped yesterday in the NIT? Wichita plays Clemson tomorrow at 1.

(Patrick) #254

That team was just a completely different team on the road. We’ll really see if Penny has what it takes next year. Lose 5 of their top 7 players (inlcuding their top 3), but bring in a top rated class.

(Patrick) #255

USF won their 1st CBI game. Play Monday.

(Mike Higdon) #256

Nobody mentioned because it is the Nobody Interested Tourney (AKA Nobody Important Tourney). We don’t want to be in that one anymore, and certainly not the CBI. We are where we belong to be every year.


And no CIT tourney, the one we all forget.


It wasn’t in Memphis, so that doesn’t shock me, their record on the road this year wasn’t very good.

(Jimmy Morris) #259

I really hope after the tourney and before Summer when coaches begin to finalize their schedules that the NCAA tweaks and announces that the NET will heavily favor road wins over home wins. Too many teams, including UH, rely heavily on playing 80% or more of their OOC games at home. Making it so much harder for good mid-major programs to put together a decent schedule that isn’t just a gauntlet of road games against Big7 opponents hoping they score a couple of wins and that those teams they beat are relevant by the end of the year.

(PMM) #260

Well, sounds great in theory. However, it takes 2 to tango and many/ most of the so called big boys do not want to go on the road to face quality competition. And Sampson has said that he will not do any games against teams who will not do home and home ( see Michigan from last year). I am with him 100% on this !

The so called big boys like the neutral pre season tournaments and the conference challenge games.

I agree with your overall premise, but I smell Networks at the root of this issue…again !!

(Jimmy Morris) #261

One, if it looked like I implied Sampson should lead the charge of scheduling more road games, it was not my intent. I just said we are as guilty as many.

Two, I agree with not scheduling any big boys only on the road but that wasn’t my premise either. It was about an incentive for making ALL Big7 conference members play more road games. By the way, we definitely have teams on our schedule that we aren’t playing home and road, just home and done.

(PMM) #262

I understand. By the by, I don’t buy into the big 7 stuff. As long as the money disparity is there… it will be the big 5 with me.

Looking back at the Pender’s era and now the Sampson era, seems that many or most of the big boys ( in the P5) that we have been able to schedule home and home have occurred because of personal relationships between the head coaches.

I suspect that the ACC matchup for next season that we hear about will be because of that.

Let’s face it, the other home games are buy games or home and home against the St Louis or Utah State’s of the world.

I’m OK with that type of scheduling.

Wouldn’t mind home and home with Murray State or Gonzaga.

(Fred) #263

I would like to schedule some games against the Big East. I feel you have the P5 and then the next level is the Big East and the American. Then you have the other schools/conferences. If we can play them head to head and beat them, we can separate ourselves and become that sixth school.