2019 off season training - getting better

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I think we need to make a run at hiring whoever runs this facility as our S&C full time. I really think many of our major failings this season point to strength & conditioning. Some injuries are bad luck, but the crazy amount we had, mostly on one side of the ball, is a pattern that suggests a problem. Add to that the performance drop after first team, the inability to close out/finish games at times, and the possibility that some players quit late in the late season games (speaks to culture, which is built/reinforced in the offseason by S&C staff). It all adds up to a major contributor to the problems of the season. (no pun intended)


I was a competitive powerlifter in my youth. 520lbs deadlift for a guy 300lbs isn’t that great. When he gets up to 700lbs, he’ll be able to drive 300lb d-linemen 3 yards off the ball. That’s what we need.

Also, a guy his size should have 450-500 lb bench for the upper body strength to control bull-rushing DEs. Squat should be about the same as the deadlift, 700+ lbs.

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I think the young man will get there based on his desire to start the grind now . Go Coogs !


All of our hosses can get where they need to be. I guess my concern is whether our S&C coach knows where they need to be and how to get them there.


Interesting. I bet most of us assumed that 520 lbs was pretty good. I guess you can’t always believe the media…


Allow me to clarify. My impression of this facility is based less on this particular tweet than the multiple tweets, mainly of Ed Oliver doing crazy athletic things. I don’t pretend to know what a good lift target is/should be. I do know that the football team’s current S&C program is suspect at best.


No worries. I get it is an FYI post, like most are. I was trying to subtly point out that for an OT who has been in the program for 2 years to be hoisting a 520lb deadlift isn’t something I would have tweeted has a chest thumping moment. For this reason, I doubt that our S&C coach knows what he’s doing as least from a strength standpoint.

I’ll add that really tall guys sometimes have trouble with dead lifts because they have farther to go to stand erect. The best deadlifters are built with short legs and long arms. Kind of like a gorilla :wink:

The way our defense got gassed against fast offenses last season, I would guess that a higher bar for aerobic conditioning is needed as well.


I think that Alan Bishop would be a good candidate, but I hate to do that to CKS.


Doesn’t basketball have a different S&C coach?

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Number of wins is not what the criteria should be, the % of wins is what matters. Numbers have more to do with longevity than success.

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Nope, keep Bishop where he’s at. We need basketball too and those guys are doing a great job.


Back in the day I could curl 520 :slight_smile:

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me too but it would take 5 curls to total that!


How do you get to 104 on a bar? :rofl:

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was actually 110 or more. Think 120 is all I ever did. Weighed only 145 at 5’8" in HS. Could work the helloutta a shovel and wheelbarrow all day and then some though. That lat pull on the machine never had enough weights. Different muscles for different work I guess. Wasn’t a body builder but could carry 50 times my weight, hence “theant” heh.

Played baseball mostly.

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Coach Bishop leaving for the football team would give me more nightmares along with the Twitter Scumlin rumor. Bishop is one of the best in college hoops.

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