2020 offers


(bg) #104


Progs googles him

finds " 6’6 power forward "

progs: “maybe ledee wasnt that bad”

jokes aside, looks to be a big time offensive producers, does a lot of what ledee does (smaller and less handles tho)…seems like the staff has an idea of the exact type of player they are looking for, and a stretch 4 seems to be the idea for one of the 3 ships left …probably not the “true big” everyone here might be hoping for

(Munzell Milluns) #106

Well if Sampson wants him then he’ll work because every time that Sampson has constructed his own team in the last 25 years he’s made it a success.

The man can flat out construct a program and doesn’t give a squat what anyone thinks of his concepts.

Its what I like most about him. “Our way can beat your way.” No apologies.


interesting news…rj hampton top 5 recruit for 2020 has reclassified to 2019… memphis is seen as top 2 for him

memphis is bringing in the #1 big of 2019…and a top 50 wing…

they are favorites for a top 100 SG… top 3 for 5* Forward…and are top 2 for a 5* PG

im hoping they pull it off…& make the aac really fun

(Ben B) #108

Can we land two more top 80 guys for 2020 please so we can keep the talent differential smaller.

(Patrick) #109

Farrar’s another player out of North Carolina and has offers from Mt Saint Mary’s, Towson, Stetson, Chattanooga, Eastern Kentucky and Salem.

Big kid.


Dang! Penny really does have a lock on the top AAU kids.


Wide bodied stretch 4, huh? Interesting.

(Patrick) #112

I think, by the time he graduates, he’ll probably be closer to 6’8". Coaches probably see him as similar to Breaon Brady.


He already has pretty decent handles for such a big kid. Since he doesn’t elevate at all, he’ll need to be wide open to shoot the 3 in college, but it will be nice to have a big who can draw defenders all the way out to the 3pt line, opening the lanes for Hinton, Jarreau and company.

(Tom Green) #114

If those are his best offers, I think CKS can do better n be more selective. Now is the time to take advantage of winning, facilities, coaches stability and not settle.


Chill… Brodie… Our top targets are still the usual suspects. I’m tired of 6’8 centers as well.


The staff knows that. If they are offering him, they think he can play and don’t care about who else offered him. We were early on Hinton and Antoine Davis as well.

(Tom Green) #117

No chill over here. I gave my opinion.

(Tom Green) #118

Who’s Brodie!

(Tom Green) #119

There’s was John Brodie-- QB for 49ers who I watched some when I was a kid but other than that not sure of brodie you are referring to :stuck_out_tongue::roll_eyes:


Maybe he misspelled “Bodhi”…played by Patrick Swayze.

(Dan) #121

I think Penny is going to have Larry Brown looking like a saint in about 5 years. Something is going on there, come on.

(Bryant Hargrave) #122

Maybe, but the reality is unless a school gets really buried in sanctions, do you know who cares if it results in big success? No one except rival schools who get to call them cheaters.