2020 offers


Awesome!!! This kid wants to play center. Backtracking to a 4 star sounds great.

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I’m pretty sure that CKS and staff are giving it their best effort if they want him. I also assume they want him if they offered. Do we have enough 'ships for both Smith and Gibson? Yes, I am greedy.


Nice. That’s a legit list of teams interested in picking him up as a transfer.

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@pesik was out here panicking after losing out on Ledee… Lol.

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If CKS lands him, that would leave UH with one ship available at the moment…

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I expect Sampson, staff, facilites and campus to blow him away.


Yep… We beat out some big time programs for that VISIT!

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Lets see, he swatted the ball over the stands. What else do we need to know about his skillset?

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3* 6’9" C Kiyron Powell from Evansville, IN - Has offers Creighton, MTSU, Georgetown, Xavier, Kansas State, Evansville, New Orleans and Miami (OH)


But as he continues to expand his game to the perimeter and beyond, his collegiate possibilities will grow, as well. Creighton University became the eighth Division I school to offer the 6-10 Bosse High School junior a scholarship on Wednesday. The number grew to nine when Houston offered on Friday.

“It means a lot, but I don’t try to worry about the number (nine),” Powell said. “At the end of the day you can choose only one school. I have to choose the one that fits me.


Sounds like a great kid with a really good outlook and a desire to succeed even though he’s been dealt a bad hand. Would love it if he was a Coog.



michigan just lost its head coach …who was seen as the favorite for peavy

note Michigan also has a top 50 6’8 recruit who could decommit who is from Texas

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With Tyreek’s TT commitment. We retain 2 open scholarships for the 2020 class. Hopefully one of the three Pg’s (Cryer, Shead, Beekman). Interested to see which of the 3 it is and who the other commit will be. We should know these answers by 2nd week of August. Fun fact: Past 2 years a player has commited the first week of August on their visit to Houston.


Peavy can shock everyone and commit to Houston with Cryer. Man… I’m not holding my breath on a big unless another ship opens up via someone leaving early.


i think the coaching staff expects more than 2 ships to be available…and the non stop offers to PGs we’ve given out (which hasnt slowed down) makes me believe we intend to bring in 2…and then a stretch 4 with a 3rd ship

and a pg that i really like that is overlooked here (that we are in on) is jalen cook…his measurement will likely keep him from being a top ranked recruit. but he was the lousiana gatorade player of the year/Mr lousiana in basketball…he did 30pts per game in HS on a team that went to the state finals, and top 5 in scoring in the UA aau league (shooting 50% from 3)…on the #3 ranked team…

he is also a 4star WR…he says if he decide to do basketball in college (will only do 1)…he has us, lsu and gtown as his top 3


I like Cook’s game. He is a tough kid that would fit well. His shooting has really come on this summer too.

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Peavy would be balls out a stud pickup. If we got Cryer too that would make for a gnarly, athletic backcourt. The kind that produces at UH.


Peavy will be top 25 McDonald’s AA