2021 Transfer Portal

They’re going to be the new recruiting kings! Only thing that’s going to stop them is the GLeague.

Stay away from Terrance Arceneaux the perfect player for Coach Sampson :paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:

Lol what did they expect. 99% of the time the player commits to the coach not the school.

Unless you’re talking about the leftovers!

Told ya he wasn’t going back to IU lol.

Maybe Grimes wants to return ?! I kid I kid :joy:

So. Kopp and???

I have no idea. But I doubt it’s a juco like @1981Coog claimed it might be. I don’t know how he came to that conclusion.

Top kids starting to fall in line quickly now.

They ain’t coming here.

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Why not we went to the final four!

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Hello everybody! Long time lurker although I used to post on tos years back. I’m dying here over the lack of basketball info and I need my fix :wink:

Like many of you all I’m thinking Kopp is probably penciled in for one of the remaining spots. My tentative guess for the second spot is Josh Baker from Hutchinson juco. He’s apparently going to release a top 3 either at the end of the weekend or next week. In addition to UH he has offers from Seton Hall, Rutgers, Tulsa and others. He fits the profile of a shooter and judging by the Rutgers (and UH obv.) offer you’d imagine he’s at least capable of staying on the floor defensively.

He shot the ball well last year and in a small sample size has so again this season:


Only thing is there doesn’t see to be any Twitter connections to the staff.


Baker is a name I heard early on but had forgotten about him. Certainly a possibility

A year ago discussing Baker and Thomas

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Another big scorer


Sounds to me like we have our targets already

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The only school missing from that list is Arkansas


Whoever we land I just want it to happen already lol the suspense is killing me


Most kids who are guards on elite D1 college basketball teams pretty much led their teams in high school and had the ball in their hands to make things happen. Once they get to this level, things are drastically different and they need to learn to trust and depend on others around them more. But, I think TMark is adapting well. He will be better next season and even better the one after. I’m not certain he will be here past that, the lure of going pro is very strong.

Remember how DeJon looked when he first arrived and how each year he improved: I see TMark improving faster. I could see positive growth throughout the year. I believe that he will be a real star by the time he leaves.


The next step in Mark’s development will be to dribble and not put his head down so that he can see what the defense is giving him. A good team will just double team him. At times, he put his head down and went into iso mode. At times, his passing ability has been very good so I expect him to be able to address this issue and get better. The other item is for him to learn to pick his spots and have certain shots that he can execute. You saw this in Quentin’s development with the shot around the top of the key. These are all things he can address over the next 6-7 months.


I just saw where Arkansas is the leader for 2 more transfers :joy: Whatever Musselman is doing it’s working.

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