2022 offers

Have lost track.

How many 2022 Offers have we made?

Griggs probably isn’t going to college…

That was a given. Lol


Who becomes UH’s number #1 pg target if Griggs does go pro as expected.



Nice! Him & Terrence are legit.

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Can they get them is the bigger question. Haggerty is starting to blow up.

Why not ? They’re both “local” per se. UH just just finished going to a final four. Gotta be more optimistic brutha @Jcoop9

Anytime I see Will Wade & Sean Miller offering it makes me skeptical


And Beard and his new budget are about to start offering folks this summer.


We need to wait who Sampson hires to replace Brooks :sunglasses:

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So based off the 247sports UT recruiting intel:

  • Griggs is a fight between Houston, Baylor and UT
  • Acreneaux is coming down to Houston & UT. Sounds like if UT offers its going to be hard to beat
  • PJ Haggerty is a LSU lean with TCU involved
  • Zuby Ejiofor will visit TCU, Texas, Baylor, Stanford and Houston.

Going to be some tough battles for these guys


So, sounds like Haggerty is just going with the highest dollar offer?

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Cant blame him

I mean, I might consider throwing some clean programs into that mix so it isn’t so obvious.


My dream 2022 class is Griggs (or haggerty as 1b if no griggs), acreneaux, Jai Smith and baby Brooks

I got a hot take on Griggs but I’m going to hold it until the end of the AAU season


Aw, c’mon man! Can’t leave us hanging that like!

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