2024 Offers

6-4 Bishop Boswell - Charlotte, NC


Is it fair to say that a 2024 offer gives us a clue about the Sampsons’ commitment to Houston long term?


I don’t think it does since an offer this far out is just letting a recruit know there interested and will be following them over the next few years.

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No. It’s just an offer. He wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t.

I think it says that this kid must be really, really good if Coach offered him 4 years out.

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What next, will we be offering grade school kids? I just can’t fathom these long range offers; but I know CKS knows what he’s doing. I am not questioning him, I’m just amazed at this kind of thing.


I get where u coming from that’s why I don’t focused any further than starting your junior year in high school.

Good to see that we’re keeping the N.C. pipeline open.

It’s definitely crazy to have offer this early but its part of the game now.

I live in Charlotte too :), I feel like seeing these players in person when I’m available.

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