7 college football programs that have earned a spot in the Power 5

(Patrick) #1


W/L straight up (2009-18): 66.2%

W/L vs. conference (2009-18): 66.3%

W/L vs. Power 5 (2009-18): 65%

While Houston hasn’t had the dominance in conference play that Boise State has, it’s earned a slight edge over the Broncos vs. Power 5 opponents. It’s also worth noting that both schools played the same number of Power foes in the last decade – the Cougars earning a 13-7 mark and the Broncos going 12-8.

As far as quality, Houston has played Oklahoma (2016 and 2019), UCLA (2010-12), Mississippi State (2010), Louisville (2015), Arizona (2017-18), Texas Tech (2017-18 and 2009), and Oklahoma State (2009).


We all know this, nice to see other’s acknowledgment (cue the naysayers who police this board)


they forgot to add Louisville 2016, we shut them down! who is lamar jackson =)


I’m not knocking the article or anything but do any of the P5 conference moguls even care what FBSchedules.com has to say on the matter.

It’s all about a schools ability to generate money for the conference. From their list, I’d say UH, UCF, and Navy are in the best position to generate top $ for whatever conference they are in.

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I’d like to see an article called “20 college football programs that have earned the right to be relegated to the G5.”


Everyone knows we are deserving and everyone knows why we aren’t in. Its about the Houston area for recruiting. The great thing is that we are kicking the door down.

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We should have a relagation table like premier and top teams get into the league while the others drop till next season. Deviating from subject. We’re the best choice to enter a league no way boise has more of a shot ahead of us.

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The list would be even more lopsided with Houston at the top if they would consider the entire athletics program and not just football.

Houston as a whole is better that almost half of the P5 schools when compared one-on-one.

With one exception…money from ESPN.


I like to see an article titled “why Houston is going to the SEC”.


We’ll never be invited to the SEC. They prefer flagship1 or flagship-1A institutions with the exception of Vandy, the token private institution program. Same with PAC 10 and BIG 10.

Other than the Big 12, our best fit is the ACC.


They left off Penn St. I thought that was a decent win.

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And FSU.


And Vanderbilt and Pitt.


Of course, someone in the comments section had to call us a commuter school with no real fan base…yawn…

Old stereotypes take a long time to reverse


Agreed (except for your ACC comment) but it’s my headline and that’s what I would like.


That’s what I would like to see too - they should add UH and OK; that would lock down all of Texas east of I-45 plus the whole state of Oklahoma! atm would not like it, but just ignore their objections; they are one of the newest members of the conference anyway.

The conference would then have 16 members, and the Western half could be OU, atm, UH, Ark, LSU, Ole Miss, Miss State, and MO. Would that be a great group, or what?

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Pat, I think LSU would welcome being in a different division than Alabama.

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They left off our bowl wins vs heavily favored P5’s, because when we win in a Bowl, the P5’s were not trying. I watched Jimbo the whole time during our beat down of FSU, and he had no answers to how bad he was getting beat.


and academics, especially compared to Boise St.

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Think if they went to pods:
AR, MO, TN, Vandy
Ole Miss, MSU, ALA, Auburn

3 Games against your own pod, 2 schools from each of the other 3. Nine game schedule. You play everyone at least once every four years.

If you went to two 8 school divisions, same thing, seven against your own division, two against the other division, changing every year.