7 college football programs that have earned a spot in the Power 5

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Agree that the ACC is best fit given the many urban institutions—BC, Miami, GT, Louisville, and Pitt. I would think adding UH and Cincinnati would boost the conference. 1) The conference would be adding some 9 million new viewers. 2) Both schools are good in both major sports. Cincinnati and UH have been to the NCAA Tournament the past two seasons. UC was ranked #24 in football last year and has won five conference championships in the last 11 seasons. UH has been to six consecutive bowls and averaged 9 wins per year over the past 13 seasons plus UH has a stellar record against P5 competition. 3) Both programs have excellent facilities. Houston has a new or renovated stadium or arena, while UC has recently renovated Nippert as well as their basketball arena. I hope the ACC will move on expansion. They may be holding out hope of luring Texas and also ND as a permanent member when contracts expire.


Never going to happen. Just ask Clemson, Louisville, Miami and FSU.


LSU in a different division from Alabama; hadn’t thought of that, but certainly has a lot of merit! I’ll bet Alabama would like that too.


Zoinks! That West Pod would be stacked! Football and basketball wise. Would be a nice problem to have. :sunglasses:


Of course, the answer is no.


Of course, all that makes a lot of sense - too much, actually. That is precisely why it will never happen!



Actually, it does not make sense. Adding UH when the SEC already has aTm just an hour away, with no added in state cable tv money, does not make sense.


???..they might get cable money from me if UH is included…until then, no. There are more people like me.


Indeed, there are a heck of a lot more of us who will watch NOTHING of atm or anything else of the SEC unless UH is included! The SEC may think that atm controls all the Houston market; they are wrong!


What will the economics be when all of this goes full blown streaming. Do the two teams just split the purse like boxing does? If so wouldn’t smaller conferences makes sense and increase the number of teams in the playoffs?


Not enough to make any dent.

742k people watched aTm play UAB on ESPN2
378k people watched us play Tulane on ESPN.

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742K fans…I didn’t know that UAB had that many followers !! :sunglasses:


We have already proven our TV numbers out perform 8 of 10 teams in the Big12 and a number of other P5 programs. The key is for the administration to make good hires and continue to showcase Houston area football players.




I am a Cougar that has no problem watching SEC football in fact behind the Coogs they are my go to conference. You don’t find any better football being played.

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I am with you Bear. I am a Coog, but I was born in SEC country and raised on SEC football. Still gravitate that direction when it does not involve UH.


The problem is defining who the “people” are.

Could be:

  1. aggy fans

  2. Coogs who want to see them lose

  3. Bored people who will watch any football game

I’d imagine if we were in a "P5 " conference and were winning, we could draw similar numbers. People would rather assume we can’t without anything showing we couldn’t,and its just baffling. This fan base needs to cheer up! I love being a Coog, and there’s nothing we can’t do!


Ok, but can UH ever pack in 97k fans for a game against UAB supposing UH receives an offer from the SEC?


Thanks for keeping the fanbase in check