9 months

Until the next Coog football game!

During that time I am sure we will read reports of how much bigger and stronger and faster we will be.

I really hope the transfers and red shirts work out. I hope king comes back. I hope the defense steps back up.

We have officially lost all the #htowntaker, Peach Bowl, hiring a p5 coach momentum looking around at the stands the last few games.

It is going to be a looooong offseason. And it sucks that it starts in about 3 minutes after Tunes fourth interception.

In fairness, I did not see the game ( out of town), but all I read about was the TO’s and especially Tune’s interceptions.

Looking at the stats,I am more concerned about the defense giving up 450 yards rushing for Navy and 8 rushing TDs. Seems to me that the defense should have been better prepared !!


Nine months? That is enough time for the coaches to have 270 cocktails each.

Navy’s fullback had 188 rushing yards and 5 TD. The fullback. The QB had 253 total yards.


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If you can’t stop the FB dive, you can’t stop the option. Anyone that ever watched triple option football knows this.

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We’ve got a long way to go just to get to the level of we’re OK. The “just OK” that is in the Tv ads. Cougars will never accept that. We will always aspire for excellence. If anyone can get us there it is CDH but right now it seems there are too many pieces missing from the puzzle to get it in shape within a year. Just hope I live long enough to see it

EE, Tune had an up and down night. Whe it was obvious we were getting desparate, he started forcing some things; he will learn from this. But our D was parting like the Red Sea and giving up big chunks.

Next year we will have a full defense with more maturity as well as an OL. I am really excited about our future.


Thats on Tune. When he was supposed to give the D a rest he would get picked and then the defense was on the field again at a field disadvantage. This game is on him.

Tune had 8 guys up his ### all night. That and the fact that every time he took the field he was following a Navy score. Mariota would have thrown in the towel in the 3rd quarter under those conditions.

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Win as a team, lose as a team. The kid didn’t have a great game but he sure as hell didn’t lose the game by himself.


Tune had four int. We were on the Navy 28 yard line an he threw an int.

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Agree with Red. On the FB, he literally ran the same play EVERY time. A cut up the middle and he literally scored a TD on about 50% of his runs. He either got stopped or huge run for a TD.

Time to upgrade those seats!

What bothers me is we passed the eye test vs many of the teams in our division. We were physically larger than Navy across the board. Yet, for some reason, we can’t compete to win.


There was no game this season where this team was out of it even at OU. There are some missing pieces but there are also some parts in place.


This team will be fine. I don’t think we’ll go undefeated, but 4-8 is NOT happening again.


I don’t seem to recall seeing Tune whiff on all those td runs up the gut…win as team, lose as a team

Like I said, I did not / have not seen the game… but giving up 450 yards rushing to a one dimensional team seems like a bad defensive scheme.


So before we all panic, I also got caught up in the Dana hype before the season began and expected ‘greatness.’ What we found out was what a complete ‘poop’ show the predecessors left behind. With that, lets see what Matt Rhule did at Baylor under the same conditions. Year 1 was 1-11. Year 2 was 7-6. Year 3 means at least 50% of the players were recruited by Rhule. With a new culture and his players in place, Baylor goes 11-1 and is playing for a league championship. Now the Year 3 schedule wasn’t challenging but the team did deliver.

The point is I’m willing to give CDH the time necessary to make us competitive again. A Year 1 4-8 record with a difficult schedule is miles ahead of where Baylor started. So if the Coogs can win 6-7 games in Year 2, that would indicate a step in the right direction to building a consistent winning team. I’m looking forward to the recruits we garner, Spring football practice, and the 2020 football season. Go Coogs!

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