AAC 2019/20

Looks like UConn is going to beat Tulsa. 64-53 with 4:10 to go.

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Wichita State and Tulsa both go down at home.

Forget Tulsa. I hope they lose the rest of their games. Cincy is where it’s at now and they have way more name recognition street cred with the committee. They can be the 4th team.


Finally Tulsa loses a game. Now if the Coogs can beat them in the Fertitta Center will help big in winning a conference championship. We need to get some payback on Cincy. If the Coogs beat Cincy and Tulsa while winning the rest of the games are supposed to then I like our chances.


Well, anyone of the top four can beat the other guys. I hope we get four in. I think one of our guys could go on a deep run.

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Kind of crazy, considering the fact that Rob only played 3 years here. If Caleb Mills is here all 4 years, I doubt he will be, he’s going to obliterate every scoring record in this conference.


We will be lucky if he doesn’t leave after next year

He will be here 4 years.


Selfishly, I hope so. However, I won’t be upset or crush him if he decides to pursue his dream early.

I think we’re only in the 7th season of AAC existence, so there hasn’t been too much opportunity for it to fall. Although Pete is still the NCAA all time scoring leader, and he only played three years.

I’m not sure that Mills will leave early. He has a lot of development left. I feel the same about Hinton, but for reasons related to shooting. They both have the talent, though.

Mills is unbelievable and has a natural gift for scoring you don’t see often, but the combination of his game/size/etc. right now don’t scream to me that he’s a guy who will obviously leave early as an elite draft prospect. Remember, Rob’s not in the NBA.


I loved watching Rob play and he made a lot of big plays but Mills is already more polished as a scorer. Some of the shots he has hit this year have been NBA shots. I always go back to the floater going left with his right hand against SMU. If Mills adds another 10lbs he can at least test the waters next year. At worst he will play 3 years in college.

Mills needs to add 20-30 pounds of muscle for a regular NBA gig. I think he can likely get there within the next 2-3 years.

If Mills gets to 175 he will be fine. There a lot of players playing at 175 right now. If he is able to go after 2 years that would bad for the team but good for recruiting. That’s how TTU got a recruiting bump. Kids care about going pro.

I’m not sure what you mean by more polished, but he certainly isn’t a “better” scorer than Rob was. In Rob’s junior year he scored over 20 a game with a 57.3% true shooting percentage. Caleb is averaging 13 a game with 51.1% true shooting. Rob’s production was much better.

They are different players and I didn’t invoke Rob to say his inability to get to the league yet means Caleb won’t either. But they are kind of similar in that they are volume scorers without an obvious NBA skill set otherwise. Cumberland is sort of the same story in a different package.

Caleb will need to significantly improve his passing, defense, athleticism, strength and shooting range to put himself in a good position to get there. It can happen though.

Nate is a guy I honestly see as having an easier time carving out a niche in the league, especially if this Rockets small ball thing catches on. Or at least he has less things he needs to improve to get there than Caleb IMO.

After maybe his third game I said I would be legitimately surprised if Caleb doesn’t end up leading the conference in scoring when he’s an upperclassman if he’s here. I’m a big fan. But getting to the league is hard and he’s got his work cut out.

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I think this too. But then I look at JA Morant or the point guard for Atlanta.

According to his bio on the UH basketball website, he is 6’3, 175 pounds.

Yeah Ja is 6’3” 175. He also has great court vision, averaged 7 assists per game as a soph.
Mills has to develop that and won’t get to till we have some other scorers to distribute the ball to. Next year could be a good stat year for him.

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Agreed. I don’t think he is there yet. But size wise, I think he is ok as long as he continues to develop.

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