AAC Basketball Games - Week of Jan 12th

Does not list TV for Coogs at Wichita St but it is on ESPN2

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UCF handles Tulane 74-55. Have to admit I watched other games and did not turn this one on but didn’t realize this was UCF’s first AAC win five games.

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WSU on a trajectory like ours last year. I still think they’ll lose 3 games in conference but…damn.

So Temple lost 3 in a row and beat Wichita St. This year is going to be wild.


Of course because they play UH next. Bad losses for our next AAC opponent keep happening in the game before UH is scheduled to play them. Happened to Temple, Tulsa and I think SMU


Yea. Not good for us. Marshall will have them so focused it will be a big challenge.

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I don’t know why but I got a weird but good feeling about Saturday afternoon! I’m thinking we win by a score of 64-62

protect home court and steal a few on the road. This is going to be a very weird year. I don’t know if we will win the conference championship but I like our depth for the conference tournament.


I still think the season champ will have 3-4 losses in conference. I also think the 4th or 5th place team could win our tourney (either Tulsa, SMU, Temple, or UH).

Conference gets three invites and a possible bubble. Next year we get five teams in…solid.

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So you think Cincy will finish ahead of UH?

Updated to show the current standings:
2019-20 Men’s Basketball
|Wichita State|3-1

I couldn’t get the Excel chart right, so just show conference record and standing.

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Cinci @ Memphis tipping off right now. If Cumby plays like last week should be a good one.

Edit: 9 mins left in first its 7-10. Ugly ugly game.


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AAC refs are terrible. Cincy - Memphis game turned into a football game. They either call everything or nothing.


Memphis don’t look as good as everyone thinks they are and Cincy is flat out terrible

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Cumberland looked bad the little bit I saw

I meant to include Cincy in parenthesis.

WSU giving Oregon all they want right now. 53-50 Washington state with 9 min to go

Every game.

Washington State beats #8 Oregon in Pullman. 72-61