AAC games tonight

Cincinnati smashes Tulsa 75-44! SMU ahead of UCF at halftime 35-29. You never know who is going to win night to night in this league. Our road win last night was big! I am interested to watch Tulane @ UConn tonight.


Wtf happened in Cinci tonight? That is a blowout nobody saw coming.

Totally agree! I think this is going to be a crazy year in the American! Right now I think Memphis,WSU & Houston will be the only teams to be able to really separate from the rest!

SMU beats UCF at home 81-74 to improve to 12-2.

SMU better hope they stay healthy. That has been their downfall past two years. They have a 6 man rotation. If you can call 1 bench player a rotation.

Last couple of years they seem like their coach uses only 6 or 7 players most of the time. I know they have had the injury bug, but I think he gets used to certain players!

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Hard to figure out SMU, the first part of their non conference schedule when they were undefeated was ranked as the worst schedule in the nation. Then they played Georgetown in Dallas & got hammered! Since then a 2 pt. loss @ UGA, win @ Vandy & 2-0 so far in AAC!

Tulsa got smashed…you now the coaches are going to look at what Cinci did to them and come up with a game plan to get another road win.

Randy you might have hit it on the head. Our schedule to date isn’t the toughest, yet TeamRankings has it at 42. SMU is sitting at 129, between Belmont and Oral Roberts.

UConn/Tulane both teams are running like mad, just missing a lot. Biggest take-away: refs are letting them play.

I have a feeling the AAC refs are calling ticky tack fouls in heavily defensive games in order to keep the games from getting too aggressive. Could be a directive from head office and just happens to effect us because of our style of play.

Edit: With Cronin gone this will be hard to prove, not really any other coach left in the conference that is crazy about D.

Tulsa like so many teams this year have the emotional consistency of my 3 year old son. How do you beat a good Temple team then that??? And man if Cumberland is waking up not good for the rest of the AAC. Nothing to see here Cumberland go back to your mediocre season.

Tulane and UCONN both looked like they deserved to be on CBS Sports Network that was a “well someone has to win this” game.

Agree with this we can’t get the “goon” reputation or the second half of all our games will be whistle-fests. Walk away, play hard and clean.

Was at the UCF-SMU game. SMU is a solid team, just missing something. The TCU transfer PG Davis did a good job of drawing ticky tack fouls, their 3 forwards did what they will do, good versatility. UCF played zone most of the 2nd half and it was bad. SMU is probably one of the worst teams to go zone against so not sure what Dawkins was trying and why he stuck in it for a while.

I don’t think we will have a problem with SMU unless the refs call it really tight and no body steps up to hit some shots.

Anyone know the AAC record versus the SEC this year ?

3-2 i think

Real question: who’s watching Memphis at Shockers tomorrow and do we want either team to win?

I will be watching that game for sure,I love College BB when my COOGS are winning!

Want the Home team. So WSU I guess.


Just looking at the AAC schd from start to current looks like 9/10-- 3 . Lost count😁. Couple of those look like they were Tourney Tourney gms but still impressive recd.

During the Tulane vs. UConn game John Rothstein said,” that Houston is capable of winning more AAC road games b/c of their rebounding!


Yes that’s kind of why I want Hm team. I don’t want Memphis picking up a win that they really shouldn’t. That’s how you win the Conf, ask UC about that last year. If Coogs don’t go into Cinn last yr n get big road W things prob end different then Reg Season Conf Ship!! Rather Coogs do that again this yr than than someone else. Jmo n wants :grin:.