AAC vs SEC Team Challenge in January 2020

(Lincoln Scott) #1

The AAC is partnering up with the SEC’s bottom 4 teams from the 2018-2019 season. Those teams include: Texas A&M, Missouri, Georgia, and Vanderbilt in Mid/Late January 2020.

The teams selected will be play home and home series for 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 season.

This could be our chance to Play Texas A&M or another SEC school.

Most likely our top 4 AAC teams will be the ones chosen to represent the conference.

The SEC top 10 teams will be playing in the Big 12/SEC Challenge, this provides more quad 1 and quad 2 wins for the conferences

Per Jon Rothstein Twitter

(Roy McAvoy) #2

(Ben B) #3

I like it. Though Vandy won’t provide much.


Very nice, hope we get a&m!!! When will they formally announce the teams?


So we play SEC bottom 2???

(Dan) #6

If I was the bottom SEC I would want no part of our top 4 and take 5-8. If it is our top 4 we better go at least 3-1 year in and year out or it’s a bad look for the AAC.

I am happy to see us enter into a challenge with a major conference.

(Marcus) #7

Screw this. I want Kentucky again or Tennessee. Not an easy win vs TAMU.


Our top 4 should demolish the SEC bottom 4. Also, there’s no chance A&M is going to agree to play us. The Houston recruiting battle is too strong and they have way too much to lose there.


On average, I would rather play TAMU to improve our chances of victory and of course, bragging rights.

(Russel ) #10

I’d much rather have something along the lines of our top teams playing against the top big east. Ill take it but its basically saying here you all can get the scraps!


Good point but I wonder if they had other options lined up or not. If not, then this is a no brainer.


They will be much improved by then. I hope we play A&M and Buzz Lightyear!


SEC scraps are better than most!!! I would rather play them than Northwestern St. or Alabama A&M


Agreed, Bear. We can always just say, “We beat an SEC team” and just neglect to say who it was.


What they are hoping for is their scraps can beat our best so it raise their conference profile while keeping us from embarrasing them…win win for them…


That’s a long shot hope. I’d say more like a hope and a prayer. The top 4 in the AAC is WAY better than the bottom 4 in the SEC. It’s not even close.


BTW, beating sorry SEC teams fo nothing for us…beating their best add to NET and Quad wins…


“For the SEC, not American”…should have been inserted here…

(Marcus) #19

We beat their reg season champion and had their consensus best team down with less than a minute left in a Sweet 16 game. Give us their best, not their scrubs.


Kentucky won’t play anyone home and home. If it’s a blue blood, they’ll play on a neutral court. For all others, they will only play at Rupp.