Additional Heat Applied to Dana

Pathetic Thread of the Year Award Winner!


Let us extrapolate the Coach Art Briles “error” at UH and its transfer to Baylor, and what it wrought.

CAB at UH:

  1. 1 conference title in 5 seasons. Good
  2. NO bowl wins. Bad
  3. Great offense, but no defense. Even
  4. Left team hanging before bowl game. Bad

Let us not even discuss the fight at the end of the Hawaii Bowl or the fight between our mascot and the Oregon mascot.

CAB at Baylor:

Briles goes to Baylor, again with undisciplined team culture, but P5 money. Team has serious “rape bro” culture which he looks the other way on and pretends not to know anything about. Whole administration is so neck deep in it that they are all replaced. Briles resigns in disgrace and last seen coaching high school football. Irony of ironies - he was reprimanded by the state for using ineligible players.

I will always be grateful to CAB for taking the job in the first place and for getting our program out of the doldrums. With that said, its probably best for us all if we don’t speak of the CAB error again.


This isn’t “heat” from the AD. Its about using a marker and targetting towards it for a performance target. Dana addressed this in his latest press conference. He is telling his players they need to start contributing to the success of the AD and that football hasn’t done squat since 2015. Its a positive momentum builder and goal and not a hegative or applying “Heat”.

Secondly, basketball and football are oil and water. So much easier to produce a high quality program in basketball than it is football. Just check out all those small private schools that performed so well during the tourney knocking off those overrated turds from the B1G and Big 12 including the Whorns getting knocked off by a priavate school that has been D1 for a couple years and making their first NCAA tournament appearance. That could never occur in football let alone some of those private schools not having football programs or D1 programs.

We’re going to be fine with football this year. We’re going to be deep for the first time in years across all the positions with a 120 team roster. Much better times ahead! Almost guaranteed.


Now you bring it up.

Btw, can CDH get to .500 before we compare him to CKS. LOL.

It’s silly right now.


IMHO the missing link is what Sampson has brought to the basketball program which is a culture of defense and toughness.

We are too stuck in the mindset of the veer, the run and shoot, and the spread, that we are looking for the next offensive machine as opposed to focusing on what consistently wins. Which is defense and physicality. TCU became great based on a culture of defense.

The little secret behind all of our offensive machines was that it really was the defense that won the games. Whether it was the mad dog or the Glen Montgomery bunch. We won with defense and we out hit everyone. No one wanted to play us.


Yes Sir ! POTD…defense wins Championships, always has and always will

Excellent post that says it all, Bryant…
I 100% agree.

Dana recently spoke to this also. He felt we were a much more physical team earlier in the year and then we got soft as demonstrated in the bowl game. Compare our game against BYU who is known to be physical and older versus that pathetic performance in the bowl game. He is intending us to hit more and bring a more physical attitude and hopefully culture.

Last year was just a massive screwed year with Covid that appeared to hit our football program far more than basketball and we even had our Covid impact with basketball also.


Losing our best lineman devastated us last season. He is back this year.

Wait, who are you saying is our best linemen?


I hope and pray you are right, but I’m skeptical. As always, I will be watching.

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