Adios Aramark?

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Yep. Hallelujah!

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Hello Timmy Chan’s concession stand at TDECU :smile:


Who’s the new vendor?


But…but…but I don’t want cheese on my nachos.

(Cristian) #7

Please dont renew, please dont renew, please dont renew…

Hopefully we get some chains inside. I was done with Aramark when they 1. Told me the chilly was under the cheese and then drowned it in chilly when i asked with the non existent cheese that was there to begin with out of spite. 2. When they charged my girlfriend a dollar to refill my drink and it was free because they didnt do refills on the souvenir cups…lol i had a long discussion with the appropriate people afterwards.


High schools served better food than they did. Heck a North Korean prison serves better food. Hopefully those kids don’t lose their jobs tho. Will be interesting to see how this turns out. I’ve always thought that obviously aside from the product on the field which is why we are there, is it really that hard to create one helluva reputation for the food in the stadium since we’ve become such a foodie city? Seems so many people come back from roadies talking about the awesome food another school had.

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Just a thought of Aramark is really done. Are we about to see the first branch of a Landry’s stadium business start here? I mean Tillman out so much into the school it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if he wanted to use the stadiums and arenas as a test run if his companies could put things in place and then move up from there.

(Joe) #10

Aramark has been terrible. Can really only speak from experience at baseball games, since I haven’t been to Fertitta yet, and I usually don’t get much more than a non-alcoholic drink at football games. But they never know what they’re doing. If you tell them you need a season ticket discount, they just give a blank stare.

The first game of the doubleheader this weekend they didn’t even open until the fifth inning. Then the credit card machines were down, so they were just giving away all of the food. Then, one of the two registers on the one stand they did open started working, so if you happened to be in one lane, you paid, the other lane, free food.

The employees just stand around and complain the whole time. Good riddance. Whoever they get has to be an improvement.

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Was told they are negotiating with another company whose name I found interesting. It may be a couple of different companies based on the venue.


I guess the next question is “who is better?” Or will we just be complaining about the new vendor in a few months.

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The baseball stadium has two small concession stands that only serve a small amount of items. Part of me wonders if we even need a third party vendor there. Seems to me the school could hire students, and sell hot dogs etc and cut out the middle man.


Often on small time concessions (think high school football) they get a student organization to run the stand and then they get a cut of the revenue as a donation to their society, club, or whatever.

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Obviously for the bigger facilities for basketball and football it’s better to have a vendor. But for baseball, I think that method would would work. I believe our softball team already runs it that way. Usually makes for cheaper concessions as well because they don’t have a middle man to pay.


Does it really matter ? Crappy service with untrained employees with terrible management. The vendors do not care as know they’re only place to buy their over-priced gawd awful dog food in stadiums. Ever bought mixed drinks at TDECU ? You need a loan…its why you get pre-lubed :smile:

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Like I said earlier, can’t speak much for the football stadium service. If you’re going into the game hungry or sober (at least more sober than you want to be. Lol.), you’re doing it wrong.


when I go to the football and basketball games I get a souvenir cup (free refill) and I often have to instruct the cashier how to ring my season ticket discount. If I buy food it is Chick-Fil-A or BB’s.

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UH needs to gut the old UH lockeroom at the baseball stadium and covert it into a concession stand with better options.