Adios Aramark?

(zx504) #21 was big upgrade for basketball - hope they have that for football also


“Adios MoFo”
Former Governor Rick Perry

(Joe) #23

Remember when they used to have the big grill out for hamburgers most games? They were like $8 bucks a hamburger, but they were good. If they could build some space for a deep fryer and have chicken tenders, or at least french fries as a side option, that would be tremendous. This year however, other than $2 dog nights, I’ve just been eating before the games, because the overpriced food isn’t that good at all.


I would love a complete tear down and redo of the whole grandstand. All the big programs have been doing it. They could really make it state of the art with new club boxes and press areas and such.

(Joe) #25

It would be nice. I’ve gotten sunburnt twice during afternoon games that even though I usually sit behind the plate, the past few afternoon games, I’ve sat up in the stands to be in the shade. A covered area behind home plate would be nice. I’d probably even upgrade from my GA season ticket to ensure I was in the shade and still close to the field.


It’s a joke that that the guy running the show who is a billionaire from the restaurant industry has craptastic concessions. We ought to have anything and everything to eat when going to a ball game.

(David) #27

I will say now that I cannot afford Landry’s stadium concessions…

(09Frontiersmen) #28

Bye Felicia

(Cougarpad) #29

For a couple of years they even had Princess Hamburgers sponsoring that concession but all of sudden it stopped.


Even a Costco hot dog would work.

(Kyle) #31

I met the director of catering for Prince’s at a UH taligate… he was a Tulane alum if I remember correctly. He was doing some serious taligating from what I can remember… this was before I quit drinking. Bring that dude back!

(Munzell Milluns) #32

Set up a cooler with 7-11 monster burritos and have three microwaves.

(David) #33

I remember the days of JCI at the stadiums. This made too much sense [maybe not enough cents] to continue.


Don’t sell yourself short. The cost can’t be much more than Aramark was charging!!

(Joe) #35

Did they have the full works? Chili sauce and all?

(PMM) #36

Yep !


for me it was when I went for Hot chocolate, charged $ 5 and then watched server give one dollar to another guy and pocket a dollar for himself. That and the popcorn tasting like cardboard.

(PortlandCoog) #38

ARA in the dorm cafeterias when I was in school was just absolutely gross. The staff however was fantastic. Loved me some Calvin.

(David) #39

Would be cool if they could have a UH HRM space with students making a featured dish unique to every game. Nothing fancy but a craft burger one game, steak nachos another, brisket or pork loin next, popcorn shrimp next time, etc. There are usually 5-7 games per season so not too many ideas needed.

(Glenn) #40

Thank goodness ! Aramark provided sandwich machines on the second floor of a small student lounge in Engineering . We would pull an all nighter during finals and go looking for food . You guessed it ! I never need sandwiches could come in those colors ! It is a wonder we did not die from botulism !