Adios Aramark?


Bring in student orgs. with some passion to raise money!!


I think we should dedicate one space for international foods. Each week rotate between indo-paki, Vietnamese, Chinese, Middle Eastern and others. That way we can lure/involve some of our international students to games.


And I can get in a shorter line serving food I like…

(VancouverCOOG) #44

Awesome idea, econcoog!


The best food service I had was at tsu, the students run it, great food and cheep

(Mike Higdon) #46

If it pulls customers away from the lines I would be in, I’m all for it. But, I prefer regular food like hot dogs, hamburgers, and chick-fil-a.


I was thinking it would only take one or two concession stands. 90 or 80% would still serve burgers and hotdogs.

Gyros, shawarmas, samosas, ba minh sandwiches and tacos would be a nice change every once in a while.

I think it would add to the overall experience of going to a game where we are spending over 4 hours there. Houston offers a lot of entertainment options so we need to be a little creative.

(Bryant Hargrave) #48

I think that ending statement is the most important. The odds are it’s going to be another bigger services company. Hopefully we pick one with a solid vision of what Houston and our stadium’s experiences should be.


gyros would be amazing and easy

(Mike Higdon) #50

My ship visited Athens back in 1968 and I was exposed to what I guess were gyros. It was a shisk-kabob on pita bread with red onions. They were great, but the onions were strong and after eating one, you could knock someone down at 10 feet with your onion breath. But I loved them and would get them without onions most of the time. They cost 10 drachmas, which at the time the exchange rate was 31 drachmas to the dollar.

(David) #51

Something along these lines would be good to see at the stadium. Let’s embrace the Houston food scene and the international student body:

(Timothy Q. Chan) #52

The way I look at it, if others are bothered by my onion breath, that’s their problem. I like onions. And garlic. My wife may complain but she has limited options…stay or go. And other than my breath, I’m worth it. :laughing:

(09Frontiersmen) #53

I never really went to the concession stand at football games. As long as this doesn’t effect the chick-Fil-A booth I’m good.

(Bryant Hargrave) #54

I’m seeing a lot of emphasis on bringing in Houston to the stadium with some focus on local food. If really like to see the same focus also given to our local beer scene. I know they have St. Arnold’s there, but it would be great to see a vendor spot with a rotating selection of local breweries. Not Karbach though they can hang out with their InBev friends.

Houston has some great beer choices these days and helping these guys expand would be awesome.

(Kendall Barrett) #55

James Coney Island…nothing in this world says UH Football better. Or the City of Houston for that matter. For all of us of a certain age, and those of us who worked Downtown, we frequented the original location, fondly known as “The Linoleum Club”…
It is just the best. Pair that with Chick Filet, and everybody’s happy !!!
100 days left, my friends !!!
Go Coogs !!!