AD's Role re: FB Coaching Staff


At what point does the AD meet with Applewhite to request and/or insist that he make some coaching staff adjustments to help right the ship?

After the loss to Tulsa? After another consecutive loss to Memphis? After a 3rd consecutive loss to USF?

What do you guys think?

(itcoog) #2

Did you feel that way after smoooo?

(Patrick) #3

A talk like that won’t happen until the season is over.

(Eric Prado) #4

I can’t understand why people are so adamant to make a change so soon.


because if the coaches continue to coach and call games the way they have we will not win another game this year. Major did a terrible job of hiring coordinators and position coaches and he needs to get it corrected now. If he can’t or won’t then he needs to look at what the Oregon St. coach did which was resign and not leave the school on the hook for his failure.


I certainly did - after the way we handled the last five minutes or so of that game!

(shharper01) #7

I think we bounce back and beat Memphis but some of these other games will be challenges. Won’t happen until end of season. Still not as bad as TX State at home.

(Cary) #8

Executives in leadership positions allow employees to work out things for themselves. Yurachek is not a coach. When you hire a specialist, you set up evaluation periods to judge overall employment but you don’t involve yourself in the day-to-day operations. That is what they are paid for.


We have an AD?


Dave made Art change staff especially strength and conditioning

(Cary) #11

Maggard is very different than Yurachek.

(Jerrycoog) #12

We have an AD ??

(VancouverCOOG) #13

I tend to agree.

We need both a new WR coach and a new OC to say the least.

(Mark Shapiro) #14

Any qualified candidates already have a job and won’t be interviewing or switching schools in the middle of a season.

(Patrick) #15

One other issue to consider this offseason is that CFB will allow each team to hire a 10th on-field coach. We may lose a guy or two that “move up” to fill roles on other teams. It will also impact the coaching pool as there will be less experience guys to choose from next year.

(Dustin K) #16

I wonder, had Herman stayed, how much of his staff would he have lost?

(Patrick) #17

CMA would probably be at LSU right now as it was rumored Orgeron was after him.

However, Hermie wasn’t staying no matter what.

(Ryon Adams) #18

I have a feeling that even the team completely collapses this year, Applewhite will still get another season to redeem himself.

For all the “we fire coaches at 8-4” rhetoric, the truth is that coaches usually don’t get fired after one sub-par INITIAL season. It’ll take at least two, combined with a few more “incomprehensible” defeats, in my view, to bring that about. If we’re in this same boat this time next year, then it’ll be time to start discussing a change.


Agree. If he gets canned after one year, even at 5-6, 6-6, we may never get another decent coach.

(br5exg) #20

This is why all this talk about changing firing CMA is pretty stupid. He isn’t going anywhere for a least another year. If the team is awful next year he might be toast though.