Am I the only one more excited about 2018 than 2017

(G.W.) #1

I am so excited about the prospects this year of QB DK running the Briles system.
I feel like this offense is going to explode!
And the D will be one year better…
Can’t wait.
Go Coogs!


I agree, really looking forward to Houston FB 2018.

(Alfred Matthews) #3

Im excited now with the addition of Briles of OC. This is a make or break season with Applewhite.


Med School
Briles Offense

lots of great things happening


I can’t wait for 2018 season to start!!!


On a side thought, I cannot wait until the spring game, to see the foundation of what will happen in tbe fall.

(Dustin K) #7

Is it college football season yet?


I am excited about 18. I think across the board we should be better. We are not losing NFL talent like we have the past 2 years.


It is not a make or break season for Major Applewhite. Geez!


I will be interested in seeing if we improve in half time coaching adjustments.

(Alfred Matthews) #11

Yes it is. We better at least make it to the AAC title game.

(Marcus) #12

Renu Khator has “joked” that we fire coaches for going 8-4. How do you think she feels about 7-5? Don’t get it twisted, there are only going to be a couple of P5 spots available should expansion occur. UCF has all the buzz we had 2 years ago right now. It doesn’t take long.


They may have lost that buzz. Frost is no longer there. We need to wait and make sure they don’t fall into complete obscurity this season. My bet is on the latter. They lost a lot of talent, and their coach. We return more starters (I believe) and our head coach. We are in position to make a run for the conference title at least.

(Mark) #14

What do y’all think the expectation of total 2018 wins for CMA in order for him to not be on the hot seat? I would like to Coogs to win all the games of course but I think 9 or 10 wins is the benchmark for 2018.

(Butch) #15

Tough crowd here…you have to be joking if you think this is a make or break year for Applewhite…Herman swept in here, won big with Levine’s recruit and then got out of Dodge as quick as possible.
Applewhite did not have the same luxuries Herman had, like a seasoned, proven quarterback to run the show, proven running backs and a defense with more than a few future draftees.
Applewhite had a really good recruiting campaign and I think we will be improved this year and will have a much better offense thanks to him hiring Briles.
I am very excited about this spring with King running the show and Bryson Smith trying to take the job away from him…after Herman’s disappearance we simply had to rebuild…I look for better things this year, but I am certainly not thinking we will go unbeaten…we would have to completely flop for Applewhite to be on the hot seat…


Considering I wasn’t very excited about 2017, yes I am more excited, mostly because we have our first decent OC since Kingsbury


Could be a make or break year even if Applewhite doesn’t get fired. Another 7-5 type year might set up such a high bar for 2019 that Applewhite can’t meet it

(Butch) #18

If he has a bad year, and by that I mean win less than nine games, I can see him being on the hot seat by his third year. Being mediocre can then put him on the hot seat, but OTOH a great year can easily put him in a position of getting a P5 job…and then we start over again…but frankly I would rather lose him due to having great years than bad or mediocre ones…

(Marcus) #19

I think that Khator and Fertitta have been very vocal that they expect a winner, that they need a really good football team to push their conference agenda. One 7-5 season isn’t a disaster, but a few in a row is. Two in a row could be all you get as a first time coach taking over a team that did much more with the previous regime.

That being said, I think it’s a moot point. Kendall Briles running an offense led by D’Eriq King will be a game changer. But Major made that move, with all the baggage attached, because he knew that another 7-5 season was playing Russian Roulette with his job.

(Ryon Adams) #20

I’m excited about the start of next season EVERY year!