Announced attendance prediction for Lamar-- GO


I didn’t think so, almost everybody seemed to be an alum or fan. I did see two idiots there in UT jerseys, but didn’t see many not in red and super into the game (not counting Oregon fans). It was a special game so people made sure to come. Probably the only basketball game I will make it to this year.

The real test for the fan base will be the LSU and Saint Louis games.

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As I stated previously in this thread, The program has had little consistency in the past 20 plus years. It is hard to convince fans to spend money on a program that has been in the dumpster for so many years. I love the passion that this mom is showing, but she needs to understand the recent history of the program and the reason why the attendance is this way. It will take time. A lot of fans might be waiting to see if Samson can continue this run a little longer before they commit to season tickets. I wish attendance was much better like her too and hopefully, it will start picking up. Also because of the size of Houston and commute times, I expect us to have bigger crowds on weekend games compared to weekdays.



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Explain attendance from 85 through 92 before it became a dumpster fire. 5 final fours from 67 through 84 is pretty damn consistent.

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Last year was our first NCAA tournament win since Phi Slamma Jamma. Did you not see the part where I said in the past 20 years? Since the late 90s on the program has not been good at all. This is why attendance is so bad. The program up until Samson has been largely irrelevant to the City of Houston and definitely has not even been a blip on the national scene. Think about how many students have graduated in the 2000s on who had no connection to the UH basketball program. That is a lot of alumni out there in their 30s and 40s who are not buying tickets because they didn’t go to game when they were students. UH, basketball has a rick and great history, but after Phi Slamma Jamma went on a downward spiral. We have only averaged over 7,000 attendance 5 times in school history and those numbers I got from the UH Athletic Website.

5 Final Fours, 3 players that went in to be voted the top 50 NBA players of All Time, and a Hall of Fame Coach is a wonderful history. I don’t need a history lesson from you. It is sad that a program that was instrumental in changing college basketball for such a long time disappeared. Sampson has things going in a great direction but all the damage was done over the years to attendance will take time to correct.

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Yes. You completely missed my point. BEFORE 20 years ago. We had one of the greatest teams in college basketball. Just a year off from a final four we were down to 5k attendance. Just a few years off, we were still going to NITs and NCAAs and averaging less than 4k attendance.

It’s not about our recent history. Long past recent history, our attendance was not good.

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If the program had not fallen off a cliff attendance might have stayed level at around 5k, and with the massive expansion and growth of UH we might even be around 7K as of today, but we will never know. The program lost its way for such a long time, and now UH has almost two generations of alumni who have graduated not having any connection or passion for UH basketball. It is sad because of the UH student population has probably doubled in the past couple of decades yet the basketball program did not grow with the university. We saw the same thing in football. When Houston had no pro football it was the perfect opportunity for the growth of the program, but the lates 90s were such dark days for UH football and the opportunity was missed. UH football could have become Houston’s football team in the 90s.

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No excuses! I committed to purchasing a season ticket four years ago because I believed in CKS and the “program” that he’s building brick by brick! We are so blessed to have him as our coach! I along with a few others on this board defended CKS when there were calls to fire him! Don’t think the local recruits aren’t watching and taking notes of the sparse crowds. If you haven’t bought a season ticket and you live in Metro Houston,don’t complain about anything that’s going on within the program period! Put up or shut up because if anyone complains going forward, and I don’t recognize you as a regular committed season ticket holder or OOT Coogfan, I will call you out by asking the simple question. Are you a season ticket holder? If you’re not, just STFU! The train is leaving the station now! These “kids” work too hard for half assed support and excuses! We can do better! We have to do better!


I agreed with her.


I like how everyone stayed quiet :joy::skull: :eyes:

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Well he told us to be quiet in a not so nice way! :roll_eyes::smirk:

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You tell em Lipton Tee…

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I am a season ticket holder but I am also not delusional and not setting expectations that are out of reality. This will take time and I do think in the next couple of years we will see a nice increase in ticket sales. Everyone likes to complain but football has seen a gradual increase to where there is a usual attendance of at least 30,000 which would have packed the old Rob. Back in the early 2000s, we would have been lucky to average 15,000 fans in football. The basketball attendees will get there eventually but will not be there overnight.


LSU game should have good attendance because of all of the LSU people in the area. SLU should draw well because it’s a Weekend game in the afternoon. Mid-week games are just going to draw smaller crowds, I think. Exception would be hyped games against teams like LSU and certain conference games vs Cincy, Wichita, UConn, maybe UCF.


Chill man. I like your passion but not everyone can live their lives around sports whether its basketball, football or whatever. That doesn’t mean they’re not loyal, passionate UH fans. Some people, like me, don’t buy basketball season tickets because 1) Nearly all mid-week games would be missed; 2) about 1/2 of home weekend games would be missed. So, instead, we buy single game tickets for the games we can make.

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I mean Drexler is more of a Houston legend than a “popular ex player”. Dude was from Houston, the engine of PSJ, came back home to win an NBA championship with the Rockets and is in the basketball hall of fame. He had massive crossover appeal that Sampson will never have in this city outside of making a Final Four run.

Throw in another 20 years of middling futility after Drexler stepped down and you’re surprised the program doesn’t have the fan base to jump out in force for a Tuesday night game against Lamar? The football stadium is fantastic and the team has been trending upward mostly for the last 10 years and they don’t draw what they should either. It takes time.

Then again, if the crowd is light against LSU I will eat my words.

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God you’re a terrible fan. Please see yourself right out of here.

Yeah, I also wouldn’t blame the people on this board for not supporting the program enough. There are how many alums in this city? You need other people around here to start picking up some slack.

I love the Texans and I haven’t been to a game in 3 years. I went to maybe 10 Astros games last year and I live and die with the team.

I’m not in the business of chasing fans off because they can only come to a handful of games and are therefore choosy on which ones they will attend. I was at the Lamar game but I also don’t blame someone for not circling that one on the calendar.

Keep grinding and the crowds will return.

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I love going to the games, and always enjoy any reason I have to return to campus.

But…I live in Tomball. I am not going to drive to and from UH for every basketball game, but I am willing to do it 2 or 3 times a season. I am a high school teacher and coach, and it would be fiscally irresponsible of me to buy season tickets if I am only going to attend 3 games.

If I were to live inside of 610 it would be a different story. Or if you added a zero to the end of my salary I would buy some tickets as well as give money to our athletic department.


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You either replied to the wrong person or you have no clue what I was saying. I’m the one saying to NOT be surprised by the Lamar game. I’m the one that says that this is the attendance for a weekday game against Lamar even when things were good.


Shouldn’t we be excited that we had almost 5,600 sold for Lamar? That should mean that season ticket sales are pretty good and every game should be at least at that number announced.