Another 11 am kickoff

(gpropes) #1


Great, Homecoming at 11am. Screwed by the league again.

(Jay C.) #3

Good grief. I know these things are set by the conference and there’s not anything UH can do, but we are constantly having to sacrifice on campus gameday atmosphere to accommodate television.

(Alan Tran) #4

I mean we are playing ECU…it’s not like it’s Navy, Memphis, UCF, USF or a P5. 11am makes sense

(Eric Prado) #5

Damn I was hoping for an evening game. Don’t think I can make it to this one.

(J V ) #6

Yep, screws game day fun.

It will be the worst attended game at TDECU.


Attendance for this might be worse than Tulsa 2014.


That sucks!


Does not bother me tons of P5’s have games at 11:00. Weather should be cooler


All the more reason for an evening game…it’s not like anyone will watch regardless of the time slot.

(shharper01) #11

like UT vs OSU


Am I the only one that likes 11 AM kickoffs?

(PortlandCoog) #13

You are in a small minority.



(Jimmy Morris) #15

I like the 11am kickoffs in the cooler months. I don’t like games where I am warm at kickoff and freezing my butt off in the 4th quarter.


Honestly as someone that grew up watching the NFL something about midday football on a bright, sunny day just feels right.

(Jay C.) #17

As a 31 year old, I don’t have a huge problem with the 11 am kickoffs. I’m up early anyway, so getting out to the tailgate by 7 is not an issue, plus I get back home at a decent hour. The heat for those early season 11 am games is brutal, but not so bad later in the year.

My issue with the 11 am kickoffs is how it affects the student atmosphere. Students are not going to get up early, and they have been a huge factor in our home field advantage the last few years, plus the tailgating scene.

(Bryant Hargrave) #18

Plus side for me for the game I’m coming into town that weekend. So 11am kickoff gets me a Cougar game and plenty of time to ditch the kids with the grandparents and off to all the breweries to drink and stock up on Houston breweries beer before I go back to the Midwest.

Also since we’re ok CBS sports network, only dozens of folks will see the bad attendance.

(Jimmy Morris) #19

This was said before yet the students had their section packed nearly a half hour before kickoff for the last 11am game so that excuse doesn’t fly.

(Eric Prado) #20

Meanwhile the Alumni are threatening to stop supporting the program. But sure, lets blame the students for poor attendance.