Antoine Davis = released from LOI / HC Davis to Detroit-Mercy

Whew…I can breath again :sunglasses:

Rick Petino…to TSU !!!

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By “word is…”, I am referring to one of the individuals directly involved in the talks.

I’m not offering any predictions, just information that I thought might be of some interest to some people here. That’s all. Take it for what it’s worth to you. I have no desire for intenet “insider” infamy.

Personally, I’m with Mump. I’d think Davis made a big mistake in leaving TSU. But now that it appears to be a done deal with Detroit, I think the Penders/Lewis combo would be great. Penders isn’t planning to stay more than a few years before handing the job off to his assistants, most of whom are all great younger coaches with whom he has worked in the past, who are now out of college coaching for various (i.e. family) reasons.


Been a fan of Mike Davis. I think he’ll do well in Detroit.

UDM may end up being a worse basketball situation but the difference in making $600k/yr vs. $250k/yr is massive. Hard to blame him.


I hate to lose HS kids that have talent, but that’s college basketball. I just hate the timing of it. Picking up Landon helped cushion the blow.

Just wait when the one and done rule is extinct and HS basketball players will be allowed to go to the NBA or to a G league instead of going to college in 2021. It’s going to water down the college game big time.

Released from TX Southern today, signed with Detroit.
3d team JUCO AA.

Interesting choice. Did some good things at North Texas, but things unraveled at LSU.

Final 3 candidates were Jones, Penders and Chris Walker (former Milby star, Villanova PG and TTech HC).

Jones was Mike Davis’ hand picked guy. Penders had support from the Board Chair, a certain donor and city hall. TSU AD Charles McCelland (who has a pretty strong track record on his coaching selections) chose Jones. Penders is not happy.

It would’ve been fascinating to see Penders as the head coach of an HBCU program. I think he would’ve knocked it out of the park, but you’re right, the TSU AD knows what he’s doing.

I wasn’t real familiar with Jones at North Texas, but it’s hard to imagine a coach doing as bad with as much talent as Jones had in the Ben Simmons year at LSU. Maybe Dickey not making the NIT with Joe Young, House, and TT. Just based on that, it doesn’t seem like he’s the type like Mike Davis who could put together a team that makes the tourney every year just by watching videos of guys interested in transferring in. That seems more like a Penders fit based on his track record. Of course he’s getting old to coach. Hope Jones does well though. I like seeing TSU have success.

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I like seeing TSU have success as well. I hate Davis is leaving. With that NCAA win as momentum, he could have starting building a program at TSU that could become relevant.

Good luck to the new guy.

They could have done worse than Jones. I think he will have success at TSU. Penders would be intriguing but I wonder how much he has left in the tank at 73. He’s also been out of college coaching for 8 years. Jones was definitely the safer choice even though I think Penders is the better coach.

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Coach Bishop is shaking his head in regards to the PB&Js. He says all the time that you have to eat like a man if you want to get to the next level. Hats PB&Js.