Antoine Davis

(brian D GALLAGHER) #1

Shame this kid didn’t stay. Curious to see him in this offense. Avg. around 30+ pts. for Detroit… Scored 42 in a game a few weeks ago and 30 against Temple.


Yeah. Damn… Dude is freaking good. He plays with bums. Landon Goesling is just a filler to the roster. This kid could of probably came off the bench an shoot even a better percentage at UH with much lesser attempts of course. He left just a couple of months before the season started.

(Tom Green) #3

I have no idea why Landon Goesling is on the team. I mean nothing against him. Seems like a good kid but his shot is not pretty and definitely not accurate. Thought CKS was well pass that stage having to just fill in for players. Went through that summer of 2014. Grant who left team would have much better off bench but sure he was looking for more playing time. Glad Jarreau will be back Saturday.


Yeah, Grant ended up going to Buffalo, a top 25 team. I hope CKS adds a BIG in the Spring. I think he added Goesling just to say he added someone after Davis left.


Goesling shot 38% from 3 last season and scored like 23 a game at St. Edward’s. Obviously there is a massive jump from D2 to a D1 squad with tourney aspirations. He did drop 13 against NW State, though that was mostly at the FT line. He was a grad transfer to fill in for 1 year after Davis left and opened up a ship. He can get on a D1 court and not embarrass himself. As late as we got him, that’s not bad.

But wow. Davis would be really, really nice to have. It looks like Mike Davis has a similar scheduling philosophy at UDM, so it’s not like he’s doing it against scrub teams. Can’t blame him for wanting to play for his dad. Let’s give CKS credit for offering him though because I don’t think he had a ton of offers when we offered him.

(Tom Green) #6

Thanks for lesson but I know about his prev experience b4 I spoke of him. I’ll say it again his release and shot are not a thing of grace. If he’s getting quality mins during Conf play due to injuries, Coogs could be in Trouble. That’s why CKS kept saying we need another guard while Jarreau was out. Also kept reiterating that Gaylon, Davis were playing too many mins and were tired at end of Oregon game. Plus Goesling is undersized but I digress.


He shot 39%. He’s nothing more than a player who is out there if there is foul trouble or injury.

(Tom Green) #8

Could have shot 47% from 3pt area but no comparison to talent level he would face now. He was playing more against his level w/o going into more detail…height, length, jumping ability.


Ok. Yeah. I agree his mechanics are a little weird. I noticed that when someone posted highlights from St. Ed’s after he committed honestly. He kind of loads up. Obviously a lot harder to get that off at this level and he probably had a lot more room in D2 because he was taking guys to the rack all the time there. For what it’s worth NW State was guarding him pretty tight at the 3 pt line so he was helping spacing if nothing else in addition to scoring 13 that game.

Grant had already “decided” to transfer before Davis decommitted, though hadn’t yet committed to Buffalo. Guessing transferring out wasn’t really his choice so that bridge may have been burnt.

But yeah, as far as why Goesling is on the team, that’s pretty much it. Agree that if we’re relying on him for big minutes that’s probably not great. But he can hold his own on a D1 court and finding a guard who can do more than that in the grad transfer market in June is not easy.

(Tom Green) #10

I agree with pretty much all your points and what I’m trying to communicate w/o knocking the kid too much. Only part I don’t agree w is your last sentence “he can hold his own on a D1 court”. I strongly disagree with this based on all the reasons and points already stated by both of us. He looks overmatched and uncomfortable out there. He’s wide open for 3 and he barely hits the rim. That’s nerves and being uncomfortable in your setting. I certainly don’t want him out there in last 3-4 ,mins vs UC or WSU. Ok prob too much time on S/A who will prob only see garbage mins hopefully. #GoCoogs


Your definition of “hold his own” and mine are probably different. He scored 13 points in a D1 game. You can’t just trap him and force a turnover. He can swing the ball around and provide enough of a threat that you can’t just lay off of him. He can get in the way on defense. He took a charge in our last game. Just being able to do that stuff at the D1 level is not something a lot of people on this earth can do.

It’s also December and it’s conceivable he could get a bit more comfortable if we did have massive injuries or whatever and we needed some minutes from him.


Reminds me of Parker Pinkalla.


Would be really nice to have Antoine Davis in this offense, especially on nights when Corey or Armoni are not shooting it well.

Speaking of, I hope Corey breaks out of this shooting slump pretty soon. The last 3 games he’s shot 10-41 (24%) and 5-26 (19%) from three. For the season he’s shooting 31.8% from three. Not sure what’s going on with him, but I hope he can get it sorted out.

(srassen7) #14

Because we had to fill a roster spot at the absolute last minute?


I don’t know, maybe is the new rims at Fertitta Center. Going back and forth, and practicing at TSU & FC probably threw him off.

(Patrick) #16

Goesling’s fine. He’s here to try and get into the NCAA tourney and maybe provide something at key times. He knows his role and seems like a good vet to have around.

He’s had some decent moments this year when we’ve needed him.

(brian D GALLAGHER) #17

The freshman proving Sampson right when he said Davis was the best pure shooter he’s recruited. The kid hit over 10 3’s and 48 pts. tonight

(Patrick) #18

Glad for him. No ill will considering the situation.


Once he puts on muscle next season, look out. I think he’s walking on in Detroit.

(Patrick) #20

Got to give the kid credit, he just keeps hitting them: