Antoine Davis

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Shame this kid didn’t stay. Curious to see him in this offense. Avg. around 30+ pts. for Detroit… Scored 42 in a game a few weeks ago and 30 against Temple.


Yeah. Damn… Dude is freaking good. He plays with bums. Landon Goesling is just a filler to the roster. This kid could of probably came off the bench an shoot even a better percentage at UH with much lesser attempts of course. He left just a couple of months before the season started.


Your definition of “hold his own” and mine are probably different. He scored 13 points in a D1 game. You can’t just trap him and force a turnover. He can swing the ball around and provide enough of a threat that you can’t just lay off of him. He can get in the way on defense. He took a charge in our last game. Just being able to do that stuff at the D1 level is not something a lot of people on this earth can do.

It’s also December and it’s conceivable he could get a bit more comfortable if we did have massive injuries or whatever and we needed some minutes from him.


Reminds me of Parker Pinkalla.


Would be really nice to have Antoine Davis in this offense, especially on nights when Corey or Armoni are not shooting it well.

Speaking of, I hope Corey breaks out of this shooting slump pretty soon. The last 3 games he’s shot 10-41 (24%) and 5-26 (19%) from three. For the season he’s shooting 31.8% from three. Not sure what’s going on with him, but I hope he can get it sorted out.


I don’t know, maybe is the new rims at Fertitta Center. Going back and forth, and practicing at TSU & FC probably threw him off.

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Goesling’s fine. He’s here to try and get into the NCAA tourney and maybe provide something at key times. He knows his role and seems like a good vet to have around.

He’s had some decent moments this year when we’ve needed him.

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The freshman proving Sampson right when he said Davis was the best pure shooter he’s recruited. The kid hit over 10 3’s and 48 pts. tonight

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Glad for him. No ill will considering the situation.


Once he puts on muscle next season, look out. I think he’s walking on in Detroit.

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Got to give the kid credit, he just keeps hitting them:

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It is just so natural to him!


This question is not meant to take anything away from the kid, but we only see offensive highlights. How is he defensively?


Probably not great. Especially having to carried the scoring load. We have to take into account the competition he’s going against. He has the green light every time down the court thanks to daddy. I think he’s shooting 41.6 % overall.

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The kid is good, real good. wish we had him. We would be undefeated if we had him.


his success makes me happy, it shows sampson is a good evaluator of talent

at this time last year he was calling davis a better shooter than armoni, dotson, gray and corey…which many here took as coach speak…turns out he might have been right

he’s said some pretty hype worthy things about caleb mills …so im excited about that


No one would touch us, not even Duke or Gonzaga. Easy to say now that UH is 27-1, tho. Whose minutes would had he taken, tho. Jarreau probably wouldn’t had the time to knock out the rust. Corey & Galen have been so good too. And you need Nate Hinton size on defense on different occasions in a few games like Cincy-n-LSU & Oregon.


Davis for me after his early struggles getting used to the new rims at Fertitta has been excellent from 3 and Brooks is a sniper as well.