Any national ranking next week?

Just askin’!

Nope. Beat Texas Tech on the road and UH sneaks into the 20’s


At 35 now in AP
The blue blood teams ranked ahead all have easy wins for first few weeks so tough sledding

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Still think it’s too early. Wouldn’t mean much if we got ranked 25th and then lost to Texas Tech. Be patient. It’s better to end the year ranked in the top 25 than to be in the top 25 early and end up unranked.


I think if it was a crazy “hang a number on them” blowout we’d be ranked but it wasn’t so I say no, which is fine. Let’s earn our ranking in Lubbock rather than being gifted a ranking like half of the P5.

We won’t be ranked unless we go undefeated up into the USF game

Tech is trash


With that whippin on Natl TV we will definatey get mor votes than last week.

Im more concerned about Boise.
I always want G5 to win but i only want AAC in top 25.


Not this week, but we’ll get more than the one voter who keeps putting us at 20. Wonder where we’ll be in her ballot this week.


Agree. We’ll get more votes but not enough to get there yet.

I think UH could get to 25. If they would have rolled up 60 that might have helped.

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I think USF and UH are in the same boat. We need the opponents we beat to beat teams that aren’t PVAM or Alcorn State. Even next week, USF plays an Illinois team whose best win will be Kent or Western Illinois and UH plays a Texas Tech team whose best win is a beat down of Lamar.

Both teams might be waiting until they play each other week 8 before they get a chance to beat a team that has a winning record against FBS teams.


We get ranked 3rd this week dont @ me.


Beat Tech and we are in!

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So, has it gotten to a point wher a 45-18 win isn’t “hanging a number on them?”


77 points is the new standard.

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Well I know for sure the gaggies will be ranked following their loss

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I wonder how many votes Texas will receive for their 28-21 beat down of Tulsa.


Herman calling them the best trained team in America :joy:

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Tech did win 77-0 against Lamar. The voters do look at the score even against inferior competition.

What a clueless tool.

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