Armoni pursues his NBA dream

Armoni on a podcast talking about a lot of things… 45mins

how he was recruited, what it was like in practices, getting killed as freshmen and almost quitting, what it was like in the locker room after the Michigan loss and how bad it was, his bad tourney performances his first few then finishing strong. how and why he decided to leave (and sampson’s reaction)… (goes over this in the 1st 20mins)…thats the cougar stuff

also goes over his nba experience, clothing line, anime, new g-league rules, general basketball topics the last 20 mins


Loved listening to this.

He was a good Coog. Always supported his coach and he was the most encouraging voice when we all thought Sampson was gone. Loved Armoni.


Who started this post that the NBA didn’t love Armoni back!? My understanding is that he signed a deal worth almost $900K year one and $1.5MILLION in year two.

Are you kidding me? If that’s true, you need to come get your crow and shut down this post.

Get yours Armoni!!



Where did you hear that?


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Year one is non-guaranteed money. Year two is nothing but a qualifying offer. If he doesn’t make the team, he sees exactly none of that money.


I’ve changed the name of this post a couple times as his path changed. Although I don’t think any of the names were inappropriate, I have changed it to something appropriate from here on out.



Chandler Parsons still making 25M a year, what a world.


Right. He signed an Exhibit 10 contract, which means his deal is totally non guaranteed, but he’ll get a bonus of somewhere between $5k and $50k if he gets waived before the season, signs with the Hawks G-League affiliate, and stays on that roster for 60 days.

Armoni is essentially on a tryout basis with the team, let’s not starting counting the chicken before they hatch…

But I’m hoping for the best, and hope he makes the team


"Arminian " lol

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@ecog, thanks for your flexibility and honestly. I like the change and think it is a full 180 sir.

“Armoni fell in love with the NBA draft process, but the NBA didn’t like him back” v “Armoni pursues his NBA Dream”

Inappropriate vs appropriate. If you can’t tell, the former title really chapped my @ss for a few different reasons.

That one came off to me as passive aggressive, insensitive, non-supportive, double-faced and cheap. Not knowing you personally, I give you the benefit of the doubt that you too just love your Cougars.

  1. Like many UH/NCAAB fans, I didn’t see Armoni as being the number one option on our team last year and certainly not as someone that the NBA would be calling for in the immediate future. I thought he should stay to develop more, gain more visibility, drum up his stats…etc. But, what the hell do I know? Obviously, I’m just a serious HOMER and do not know very much. @jitterpug pointed out that chandler parsons is still making $25million a year-WTH???
  2. (My most selfish reason) Personally, I wanted to see Armoni take the next step in improvement and leadership like our latest two team leaders (Rob and Corey) did from their junior to senior years respectively. They both became nationally recognized players, award winners while making runs into the tourney with MY University of Houston Red written across the front of their jerseys. Finding out that he wasn’t coming back and wouldn’t be taking that same path was very frustrating for me. I’m still upset and will be thinking about it every time we need a couple of quick three’s this year.
  3. Last one, I promise…I’m done with this topic after this. We all worked hard to get our degrees and work hard everyday to represent our university well in the workforce bringing respect to it. There are enough haters outside of the program for us to contend with. Those of us who care have to work harder than others to stick together, support each other, respect one another and do whatever we can to help other cougars be successful. It’s all about us getting ours too.
    @pesik “Armoni is essentially on a tryout basis with the team, let’s not starting counting the chicken before they hatch…
    But I’m hoping for the best, and hope he makes the team”
    @pesik- To be fair, “let’s not start counting the chicken before they hatch” started with “But the NBA didn’t like Armoni back”, he’s signed! It was mentioned here that the NBA “didn’t like” Armoni before he signed (those chicken were prematurely counted)…It’s obvious the NBA likes him because he would not be in the position that he is in. I can think of several other cougars that would appreciate the opportunity that Armoni has.

P.S - I thought we were headed to a final four/elite eight appearance with Armoni coming back.

Cmon grimes! Wish these dudes would just stay home from the start.

Dfw coug now! #2010 #atxcoug #dccoug #dfwcoug

I don’t know his financial situation, but it could have a lot to do with his choices.

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Armoni is 2/3 from 3 pt line so far tonight. Playing decent defense as well.


being away from summer league is so much better for armoni…in the summer league he doesnt get either of those 2 passes…those 2 guards would have drove it themselves trying to earn a spot…

he looks like he is able to do what he is more known for with a real team, and not having to create his own shots


Armoni Stats from the 2nd game:

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