Available Grad Transfer QBs

Not sure what route we’ll go, but here are some of the top immediately eligible guys I believe are out there. Let me know if I’m missing anyone.

KJ Costello - Stanford

Anthony Brown - Boston College

Dillon Sterling-Cole - Arizona State. Didn’t play much but we recruited him hard out of Westfield with Ed O and Tyrie Cleveland.

Jack Allison - West Virginia. Originally signed with Miami, transferred to WVU and got beat out by Austin Kendall (OU transfer) this past season. Hasn’t played much. Dana would obviously have familiarity.

Chase Brice - Clemson backup. The guy in front of him there is obviously kinda good.

Calling out all Clayton Tune haters now… if we bring in a grad transfer and he starts over Tune then I’d bet Clayton uses his redshirt year to transfer out of UH. In my opinion, the only grad transfer at QB that makes sense for us (assuming Tune progresses through the spring) is a capable backup that can add depth. Tune has started games for us dating back to his freshman year and he will be a Junior next year. He is more than capable than leading the offense.


Tune showed flashes and physical tools in his starts the last two years. He might crush it next year with a full spring/summer getting reps with the 1’s.

I’m definitely not a “hater” who think we’re doomed with him next year. If Dana believes in him then that’s good with me.

But objectively there was plenty of bad too. If we could get someone like Duffey it would definitely be worth considering.


all arent very good


That’s fair enough. With that said, I do take note when Major Applewhite and staff as well as Dana and staff both make comments about Tune being NFL caliber talent and how bright his future is. Dana has already called Clayton Tune the future of UH. As bad as this past season unfolded, we didn’t get ran out of the building by anyone and a big part of that is because Tune was willing and capable of slinging it around. In my opinion, hating on Tune despite the solid numbers he put up (taking into consideration the remaining talent around him) is like coming down on Case Keenum for not leading the Redskins to enough victories and throwing interceptions when his team is trailing and he is trying to make a play.


Definitely think it’ll be crucial to get a body in to compete with Tune and try and save the redshirt for the kid coming onto campus in this class.


Duffey’s numbers were pretty decent last year, especially considering he started the season like third on the depth chart or something. I didn’t watch all that much of Tech though.

Costello had a very good season two years ago, has a really good arm and can move. Last year he got hurt early. He can play. Injuries are the main issue. Also not sure if we’d have any chance at him.

Franks has been so-so, but his numbers are a little better than Tune’s so far and that was in the SEC. And that’s not meant as a shot at Tune.

I’m not very familiar with Brown, but his numbers are okay.

Duffey’s not a Holgerson type of QB. At all.

Next year’s QB is already in school here.


Dilon Sterling-Cole is still in the portal, right? I could see him coming home to compete.

What’s the deal with Costello? Seems weird he hasn’t found a team yet. To me, if he is healthy then he is the clear cut best QB out there. Maybe he has been waiting for a situation where he is guaranteed the starting job.

On a side note, I think this is the year the portal hurts a lot of players. Some guys will end up begging their former team to let them back or get stuck going to a low FBS team or FCS. Just too many players out there who are all expecting to be starters for good programs. Wont be enough spots.

It seemed like Tune played better than King last year.


I agree…the only win King helped us get was against Prairie View at home.
Tune has now played in 12 games in two years, and thanks to Applewhite, never had a redshirt year.
I will say this…no one is coming here as a transfer and beating Tune out…
Tune is going to be the man beginning in the Spring, and for the first time this will truly be his team and he will actually get to start out with a healthy and experienced offensive line.
Tune has a really good arm and decent wheels…personally I think coach had decided to pull King last year after our horrid start and that Tune was going to be the quarterback…but until coach speaks out I guess we will never know…


I don’t know if he has any interest, but I’m fairly certain nearly all coaches would without hesitation take KJ Costello (if healthy) over Tune for next season right now based on where both QBs currently are at.

Why do you say that? Like I said, I didn’t watch all that much of Tech but his passing numbers were fairly solid and the little I saw I thought he looked fine. Matt Wells’ offense is different than Dana’s but it seems like the same type of QB could thrive in both (note that Jordan Love flourished under Wells and was considering coming here). Tulane also wanted him. Tulane’s offense was definitely different than Dana’s this year but did have some similar air raid elements they used at times.

My question isn’t rhetorical btw. Generally curious if you watched a good bit of Tech and have a scouting report.

None can hit the beach with a beach ball


I’ll add him to the OP. However, my guess is that he wants to go somewhere he’ll come in as the clear-cut, or at least leading, QB1 in the spring.

The guys I had in the OP are folks that I thought had some starting experience and might conceivably have a chance to come in like that.

Respect your opinion coach, but Costello’s 2018 numbers don’t match that at all.

65.1% completion, 8.6 yards/attempt, 3,500 yards, 29 tds, and 11 ints. People were talking about him as a potential NFL prospect coming into this season.

And it’s not like Stanford runs a gimmicky offense that pad a QBs numbers.

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what about the Kansas State QB, dual threat. he was in the transfer portal, he is from the Houston area, i cant remember his name.

He’s not particularly accurate, and he’s definitely not a guy known for going through progressions and reads. He’s probably a pretty good zone read/dual threat QB. There are also some off-field considerations.

That said, he does have some talent, and if DH thinks he can learn the offense and beat out one of the guys who’s already here, more power to him.

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If we get Costello we also need to find a receiver with the last name Abbott.