BAYLOR- Another investigation of football players involving sexual assault from November

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Took the news 3 months to come out. This one is under HC Rhule.

“WACO, Texas (KWTX) At least two redshirt Baylor football players are being investigated in connection with a sexual assault report involving members of the school’s Equestrian team, according to several sources with direct knowledge of the situation.”

Some reaction:

(Paul Marlow) #2

May also be why Rhule interviewed for Colts job. May have known this was coming.

(itcoog) #3


It never ends at Rape U!!! Big 12 must be proud to have such a great institute.

(Patrick) #5

There’s a reason that Baylor can’t keep Title IX coordinators.

(Bryant Hargrave) #6

And some people are wondering why we’re getting side eye for bringing in KB. When you bring in someone from a toxic culture you should get questioned about it. If we brought in someone from ITT tech as an assistant Dean of academics or an Enron executive to teach business ethics, I’d give those hires some side eye too.

Baylor has a toxic culture and b all who work there will come as stained, it’s up to the individuals to wash the strain away from themselves.

(Chris) #7

This other baylor investigation is just another example that the ncaa is useless and should be INVESTIGATED by the FBI. The ncaa is letting these happen without any consequences. These abominable acts went on/being going on for years. Many have spoken out and even told the local authorities but none were heard. This latest allegation happened in November. We are almost in March.
baylor, penn state and michigan state should have received the death penalty.
The last time I checked these were UNIVERSITIES not professional sports Teams. What is it going to take for the FBI do get involved into the ncaa affairs?

(shharper01) #8

For our daughter’s college choice, my wife says anywhere but Baylor.

(Chris) #9

I’ll add that the ncaa represents the worst image of what bureaucrats can be. This is where government fails us. There are no excuses for the ncaa lack of actions. Don’t tell me that they can’t legally act on this. That is utter bs.
What kind of a message do we send to our youth?
What kind of a message do Universities send to our youth?
Universities are there to TEACH. They are not there to promote this kind of deviant behaviors. Their cover, lack of actions speaks volume and promote these types abject acts.
How in the world is this possible in today’s age is beyond comprehension.


Didn’t penn state go to court against the NCAA and the court found that the NCAA didn’t have that type of jurisdiction ?

(Patrick) #11

Yep, there isn’t much the NCAA can do because the schools haven’t implemented rules in regards to sexual assault. They leave it up to Title IX instead.

This is really on the Baylor, their Title IX compliance office, the Big 12, and the DOE.

(Chris Vaughan) #12

Did they assault the horses or the riders?


Finally someone is asking the tough questions! lol


The Baylor players assaulted the riders, Aggie players assaulted the horses.

(gpropes) #15

I’d encourage everyone to read the article. Reading between the lines, it looks like some college kids got drunk, sexual acts occurred (and possibly photographed and/or videoed) while drunk, and the videos may have been uploaded to social media accounts.

In other words, what appears to have occurred that night is something that happens repeatedly on every college campus (and every apartment complex) in America. It happened to occur at Baylor.

(shharper01) #16

Hopefully the girls were at least 18


I wonder if this impacts the Big 12 withholding money from Baylor

(Cary) #18


Lmao! :joy:


I did read the article, sounds like another attempted cover up to me. THAT is the issue. Although more sexual assaults from football players after what just happened is very much an indicator of an institutional problem. You would think they may focus on avoiding that.