Baylor......the criminality continues!


I realize that this isn’t football…BUT…it seems to be par for the course at Baylor, given recent history, eh?

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We know about their football situation. Now this. There was also so basketball stuff as well including a murder of one player on another. My wife’s cousin was in prison with that nasketball player. Said he was quiet, kept to himself, he did play ball in prison but nobody was near as good as he was.

A continued embarrassment to higher education athletics.

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The only reason that school doesn’t go down is because of the medical school and their law school. No matter how much :poop: comes out you can’t rub new :poop: on a :poop: shirt because it still remains :poop:. So they wont go down anymore NO ONE is doing anything about it so nothing will be done. Too much money involved.



Maybe the hazing is par for the course, but the players being punished makes this a whole new Baylor. That’s the part that hasn’t happened before.

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In 1969, the college separated from Baylor University and became an independent institution, which allowed it access to federal research funding, changing its name to Baylor College of Medicine .


I get that this a big deal but isn’t there hazing everywhere?


The Baylor College of Medicine hasn’t been associated with Baylor University since 1969. Despite Baylor University efforts to “strengthen” the relationship, BCM remains a separate institution. The closest BCM came to re-merging with a university was in 2009 when there was some interest in merging with Rice but that did not go thru.

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Yeah, Baylor doesn’t have a medical school. BUT the UH will soon have one!


Depends on the level. If Baylor is punishing players, I am guessing at least one hooker was killed in the hazing process.

The whole staggered suspensions is such BS too. So a pitcher will only be able to pitch one game of a three game set? That is what he normally does. If there top three pitchers are out, they can still have them all pitch and never miss a game. Don’t want to lose too much elsewhere at a time either. They have 35 guys on the roster, real punishment would have been playing a series with a 21 man roster.

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Wasn’t it players from the Baylor baseball team that were caught/charged with killing or torturing cats years ago?


There is not hazing everywhere.

There is hazing where you have ridiculous people trying to humiliate others.

The penalty should not be suspension. The penalty should be expulsion from the university followed by criminal prosecution.

Then the culprits can go to prison and be hazed for real, Shawshank Redemption style.

Yikes. Tmi. :flushed:

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Why is it not consistent with the mission of the university? It seems to me that criminal behavior, violence, and debauchery are exactly the mission of that perverse institution.

If you were the parent of a young lady why on earth would you trust her well-being to that dangerous place?


Exactly…coordinated rape that involved coaches and players, murder coverups that involved coaches and players and now hazing…they are already operating with zero goodwill to the public.

For a school that aligns, and prides itself, with the standards of Christianity and the teachings of the Baptist faith, they need to completely overhaul the type of athlete they accept…because they have abused that connection.

Again, this is all because they view themselves as a BAPTIST UNIVERSITY…not a public school. They need the reaccess how much of their soul thet are willing to sacrifice to achieve athletic success because these things keep happening over and over again


It’s not just the type of athletes they’re willing to accept, it’s the behavior of administration all the way to the top. An overhaul of what Baylor deems acceptable behavior, across the board, is truly what needs to happen. That university has truly sold its soul for athletic success.

I’ve also instructed my high school senior daughter that I’ll support her and help pay for any university in America…except Baylor. And that’s not because I’m a UH grad. Hell…I’d pay for UT if that was her choosing.

I was aware, but I should have been more specific. By name association only the university gets alot of interest. As having a well known restaurant named Gringos and Gringos Tex Mex. You’d automatically associate one with the other when they’re two separate things to the casual person or someone who like the medical institution and knows nothing about it.

Wait, they’re different. Which gringo’s is better?

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It’s a private school they don’t answer to no one.