Big 12 positioning itself to expand....espn taking aim

(itcoog) #1

And we are outside looking in…

(steve saxenian) #2

We need gov Abbott to step up again

(Sam) #3

I don’t think Texas politics are going to let a school like Memphis get in over UH. Can’t see that happening. Abbott and Patrick being from Houston helps some, but the big issue is UH’s state subsidy. Even Perry hoped we would join a bigger conference and no longer get that. But it’s probably a moot point for the next five or more years. I doubt the conference will expand at all until Oklahoma and possibly more leave and the league pretty much has to add a few to survive, if that’s even still possible at that point. It’ll depend on just who does leave. If both OU and Texas go, it’s probably over. If OSU and Kansas are still there, it’s possible they could still make it with UH, BYU, and the AAC Florida schools, but I wouldn’t bet on it.


If the Big 12 overcomes the networks’ alleged aversion to expansion and the conference actually agrees to expand (both very big “ifs”), there is no way Houston is left out.

If we get to that point, our minuscule local RSN deal will not be much of a factor at all, much less the deciding one.


This is the UCF version of “If I had some ham I could have ham and eggs if I had some eggs.”


UCF fan site article… it points to UH being out due to local sports network owned by AT&T but forgets about FoxSports SW. The takeaway is really nothing.


Folks, we don’t want in any conference Texas is in. When Texas dissolved the SWC, they made sure we were left out of the big 12. That almost destroyed UH, we were left in the minor leagues, where we still are. I sooner sleep in a bed full of rattlesnakes, than link up with UT again. UT will move during the next realignment, and we would again get screwed. Set your sights elsewhere, in a conference where UH could have long term success and growth.

(Bryant Hargrave) #8

We all agree that a conference with Texas is a deal with a snake. But if we don’t have options, then we don’t have options, you deal with the snake and don’t get left behind.

(Mike Higdon) #9

You also get bitten.


The first thing we have to do is get into a P5 conference. IF we have choices then I choose any conference that does not have UT in it but if that is our only choice then we join. It will be easier to move from a P5 to a P5 than to get into a P5 from a G5.

(Ben B) #11

Or you chop it’s head off.

(Bryant Hargrave) #12

I felt that was implied, but if you don’t have a better offer… In our position you damn well better take the crappy offer. Because the AAC won’t be getting any prettier.

(Jerrycoog) #13

When did the politicians in Texas actually help UH ? I don’t seem to remember that ever happening. Its more likely an out of state program gets invited before we do.

(Monte P Gilliam) #14

some central florida website prints this and people here act like its gospel? Big 12 is NOT going to expand. OU is leaving and so is Texas…they are leaving because money and conference ranking will NEVER come close to BIG or SEC…any expansion that takes place in that league will be after those 2 are gone and that is years away…


I don’t think ESPN buying regional sports packages is going to make a difference. Right now AAC teams are ESPN content at a much lower price than they pay Big 12 teams. So why pay more for something you already control.

Now if ESPN and Fox (or whomever given the cable cutting) get into a bidding war over the next AAC TV contract, you could see ESPN poaching teams for the Big 12.


this is a ucf fan site, and what he “thinks” is happening …not espn…

the title is a bit misleading Big 12 ISNT positioning itself to expand and espn isnt taking aim

more “ucf fan has great season , so ucf fan thinks they might be going to big 12”


This old article popping up here now? It made its rounds on twitter and r/cfb. Bunch of bs wishful thinking by a UCF fansite. B12 has deferred any talk of ‘expansion’ until the next GOR negotiations. No conference will expand until the GORs come up within the next 5 or so years.


Marking the departure of OU and UT from the big 12 as definite is simply grasping at straws. OU has waffled numerous times about staying and leaving and the last time they were serious about leaving they were rebuffed.

OU and UT can make comparable money to the top schools in the big10 and sec by staying in the big12.

As for expansion, I seriously see UCF and Memphis being chosen over us. That’s why briles has to get us back on track so our tv ratings and winning on the field can improve significantly to make us more compelling.

(Craig C.) #19

Football season can’t start fast enough.

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The rise of our basketball program will play a big part in any conference moves as well.

They need our support as well. Was at the Wichita State game yesterday. We had a top ten team in the building and only had attendance of 5,800 and I would venture almost half were Wichita State fans.