BOOM! C/O '19 JUCO DE Justin Harris commits (Update: Released from NLI)

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Harris was a 3 star coming out of high school in 2017 and ranked the #276 recruit in the nation by 247. He signed with Baylor (UH did not recruit him that year). He redshirted the 2017 season with Baylor and transferred to Hutchinson CC this year. As a freshman this year, he’s played in 4 games, made 8 tackes, 1 sack and 1 TFL.

Had offers from Eastern Illinois and Southern University this year


Wow. He has extremely long arms. Need to get some Dtackles.

(Patrick) #3

By the way, here’s the reason he wasn’t at Baylor anymore. Harris was not one of the ones submitted to the Grand Jury, but Rhule suspended him anyway.

During a March 14 news conference, Baylor coach Matt Rhule announced the suspensions and named four players – Arthur, Lewis and another redshirt freshman Justin Harris, as well as sophomore Eric Ogor. A Baylor spokesman told Outside the Lines at the time that one of the suspensions was unrelated to the sexual assault allegations. But neither the spokesperson nor Rhule, who talked in general about his limited role in the Title IX process, would identify which players were involved in the sexual assault investigation.



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He had offers from LSU and Aggy coming out of HS. I’m not sure exactly why he wouldn’t have more now, though Sellers mentioned that his recruiting was heating up, and he’s been in contact with LSU.


6-6 250? Yep, he’s gonna play next year. It’s a shame we won’t have Joe Anderson and Bryan Jones on our Dline with him. Chambers, Harris, Nelson Caesar, and Rason Williams will hopefully all be solid. Just need a nose tackle to replace Ed.


We had one, but he went to Arizona :triumph::rage::rage:

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Guessing the ESPN article has a lot to do with the lack of interest.

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Apparently he had an offer from LA-Lafayette and possibly others. The article definitely could be a factor. And sometimes jucos just don’t get much attention. IIRC Wm Jackson had no other offers coming out of junior college. My recruiting goals at this point are a JC cornerback and Chaney, the OT from Elsik. Also wouldn’t mind a 320 JC road paver to replace Mason Denley at left guard. I know we offered a big kid from NY who was considering us.


We have DTs but if you’re waiting for an Ed look-alike, I think we’ll all be dead before that happens. Nevertheless, more depth inside would be helpful.

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Yep. 40 years between Ed and Wilson Whitley.

So Harris did have other major offers. Got that from a premium board so wouldn’t be ethical to divulge them, but he is a prize, no doubt.

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Looking at Rivals, they show him having a UCF and Louisiana Lafayette offer. Wouldn’t be surprised if he had more.

As far as his stats this year, he didn’t transfer to JUCO until late August. Guessing he wasn’t happy with how things were going at Baylor and left late.

Needless to say, this kid is good and could be a major part of things next year.

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We may never see an Ed Oliver again, but I would be very very happy to have a Hosea Taylor and a Leonard Mitchell…:smiley::smiley::smiley:

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Or Glenn Montgomery and Craig Veasey or TJ Turner


Here is a video of Justin Harris. BIGGGG dude and a little bit of a mean streak to him. The more I look at who we are picking up on defense the more I think we are going to be ok despite our losses.

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To talk to CDH? You like turnovers, let’s go get some turnovers

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That 5 diamond award Hotel coming in clutch. #PostOak