BOOM! C/O ‘19 Marcus Sasser commits (Update: Signed)

And Galen plays D just as hard as the other side

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How do you know that, have you seen him play at the college level ?

No, but CKS loves him going by interviews along with Gorham.

What I mean is that not even CKS has seen him at the college level. I just hope he is a good backup for Jarreau his first year… that is, if he plays the point.

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Someone will have to, I think Sasser is more like Corey Davis and Caleb Mills is more like Rob Gray. I also think having a talent like Mills a semester earlier is BIG.

Mills ain’t starting as a fr unless it is for an injury. He and Sasser will hopefully bring some much needed shooting to our lineup.

One reason I like Gorham with the starting unit is he is supposed to be a good 3 point shooter. Hinton shows ability so maybe he is solid next season to go Brooks.

To be honest Sasser is a threat to take minutes away from Mills because of how well he can defend. It will be a lot of fun following our 3 fr next season.

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But CKS has seen him play at the high school level and practice at the college level. If Mills has success while guarded by lockdown defenders in Corey Davis and Galen Robinson in practice, he’ll probably have success in our actual games where we’ll rarely come across defenders who are as good.

He’ll be more of a RS freshman. Mills is the most talented offensive scorer CKS has landed at UH. That’s saying a lot since Gray & Davis have been tremendous scorers at UH.

He’s not going to play the point. More of combo.

As to how much CKS has seen him play st this level, Caleb has been here for a week and Kelvin said last nite how much he’s progressed in the short time he’s been here

Imagine when November comes around, he will be physically bigger as well a better player thanks to CKS and the best strength & conditioning coach in college basketball :basketball: :muscle:


I am not saying he will not be very good but there will be a learning curve on both ends of the court. It is a huge advantage having him here already and that gives me more hope but he will still have to be able to play very well on the defensive end to see a lot of time. I have no doubt he will have a role but he is not going to start over Jarreau, Brooks or Hinton.

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Disagree there. Until Jarreau shows he can play under control consistently, Mills is definitely in the mix to start next year at the point. Having him in here this early is his redshirt season. He won’t really be a true freshman next year.

CKS likes a point guard he can depend on with the ball like Galen. Jarreau has not really shown that yet this season.

First of all Jarreau is going to be much further along than he is now and where Mills currently is…

He is a tremendous defensive player and brings some experience as a PG.

Like Samspon said starting is not that important but I fully expect Jarreau to turnover for GROB and I think it would be an upset otherwise unless there are outside issues that bn prevent it.


Let me sum up by saying that I am glad we have all of them at UH and what a nice problem to have !


sampson has already shown he trust dejon, you can tell by his minutes and when those minutes were given (and has only played 8 real games)
and has said in the last few weeks numerous times that our top 5 guards all deserve and good enough to be starters, but that they cant all start…that players are going to have to sacrifice

IMO none of the freshmen (we currently have signed) are starting… I don’t even think it will be close…

sampson has only ever started1 freshmen in Galen and Sampson publicly says he wasn’t good …his starting was a product of circumstance and depth…
and I’m not sure how many of you remember this as it was years ago but galen and ronnie the only 2 true pgs on the roster split time evenly Galen’s freshmen year. Sampson said the only reason Ronnie wasn’t the starter was that Ronnie had the maturity to come off the bench and still play well…while Galen didn’t …his performance would drastically fall when he wasn’t the starter despite his minutes being the same

also, i say mills in some drills with the team last week, he might be skinnier than Dejon (which is saying something) …he would need some magical body transformation in the next 8 months for him to have a legitimate shot


Coach Bishop: challenge accepted!


On Point ! :+1:

Of course he will be skinny. He hasn’t trained with someone like Bishop and probably has never seriously ever lifted weights. That’s the main reason why he graduated early. Get his body and mind ready for next season. But the kid has immense talent. I give him a 60% shot of him starting.

I say only 58% chance of him starting. :grin: . Again you need pts, energy off the bench so it doesn’t really matter who starts. CKS said so himself he cares more on who finishes the game. Definitely see Jarreau starting pg in Nov, if he trust him now at end of gms why would he not in 11 mos.
My 2019 Nov starting prediction:
Brooks, Jarreau , Gressham, White, Alley or Hinton

First off bench getting plenty mins Mills, Alley/Hinton then Gorham sharing mins w Gressham/White

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He trusts him at the end of games with Galen handling the ball breaking the press.

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