BOOM! Josh Carlton UCONN Center

Hey Easy ! That deserves a Flag…….


Our boy Carlton is getting to work. Also jump shot looking pretty smooth :eyes:


Have to get him some Houston gear to show off

The way Powell can hit the outside shot, he could also play at the 4.

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Our man Carlton.

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I find it nice, but rather amazing that we are having this “debate” about who our best big man is and what other bigs are going to get lots of minutes. - When Sampson first arrived at UH and for awhile thereafter our big men weren’t really big, just tall. We had Chicken and nobody else until Kyle Meyer showed up in 2015-16. Things finally improved when Chris Harris, Breon Brady, and very young Fabian finally came on board.

Even so, we have remained a guard oriented offense and have never depended upon whoever played in the middle to score a lot of baskets. Just to play tough, consistent defense was enough. And finally having multiple guys on the team who are capable and willing to fill that role has made a big, positive difference. Like a Final Four sort of difference.


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