BOOM! - Michael Thomas c/o 2021 Commits!




Wow @Jcoop9.

I wasn’t sure he was coming. Unexpected! Great get bc the boy can shooot it :hot_face:

Not any stats listed yet.

I posted them on the 2021 offers thread.

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The amount of guard talent they are getting is unreal. I wasn’t sure either because his teammate is going to Georgia.

If they can land an impact big this is a final four caliber team next year with Fabian back.

Not just Georgia but Seton Hall and Ole Miss. The top SG in the Juco ranks and a top 5 Juco player.


an interesting debate topic to be had , for all juco who already have offers…whats the point of playing the 2021 juco season…

this debate is being had in the football side but would be an interesting question for us since we just got a juco before the season…football juco has been moved to spring…meaning theyll be playing football weeks before they start football practice in the fbs, no rest no injury recoup time…those without offers have to play offcourse…but if you have fbs offers as a freshman why not just commit and redshirt…
basketball has just been pushed back 2 months, so the debate isnt as heavy on the basketball side but its almost impossible to get nba stock in juco (jay scrubb got it from team usa practices not juco)…and this whole covid thing will make the season hard to have or not as worth while

why not get 3 years with him like we did with rob, instead of just 2…
ps im not saying he should or shouldnt do anything…if he wants to play im not stoping him or looking down…but i just think its an interesting notion that should be looked into

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Kid can fly


You read my mind on this lol. Its going to be a 22 game max season for juco so it makes sense to not play unless he really wants to. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

don’t get me wrong, this looks like a great get for the coogs…but I see a lot of guards on the roster. I thought we were out there looking for a true big man…

He’s coming in for the Fall 2021. I believe we will lose a number of players after this next season.

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We may lose Quentin Grimes to the NBA if he just stays healthy and performs amicably… And he plays SG. Oh yeah, and Jarreau (SG) graduates.

Not sure what the point is questioning guard pickups when we still have available ships.

No 88 we are looking for guards and bigs to complete our roster.
Due to the injury to White we have essentially added two bigs to our 2021 roster.
White will be here for a 5th season and Chaney is only a JR.
That gives us Powell and White to start with Chaney and Roberts on the bench.
We probably have a couple spots to give and have room to add 1 legit center behind Powell.

And when Grimes leaves early, possibly Mark or maybe Mills we will be well stocked to keep winning championships.


love it!

I dont particularly care if we miss football but MAN I hope there is a basketball season…


Same. I really want to see some basketball this year, even if they play with no crowds. If this type of recruiting continues I think we’ll be back in the Final 4 playing for championships soon.


everybody wears a mask in the seats and cut down to 3500 to 4000. It will still be loud.


If UH can install the newly developed heated air filter at the Fertitta center I don’t see why that couldn’t work

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The real answer would be a nationwide lockdown. A real one. For at least six weeks while we all wear masks as well.


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