BOOM! RB Terrell "Smoke" Brown commits (Update: Signed)

(brian D GALLAGHER) #1

For the next 3 to 4 years I’ll be taking my talents to The University of Houston #GoCoogs :metal:t6::paw_prints:

Cougar Football Recruiting

Solid class considering how late he started. CDH gives me Kelvin Sampson vibes as far as building a program, except CDH is further along the process than when CKS was when he arrived in campus. (UH) @pray10

(brian D GALLAGHER) #3

(Brad) #4

Offers from Florida and Arkansas. Nice.

(Patrick) #5

(Jimmy Morris) #6

If he feels he is good enough to not be redshirted and possibly get drafted his junior year, more power to him.

(Ryon Adams) #7

Great acceleration!

(Dan) #8

Lot of talent in the Boot, great commit.

(itcoog) #9

We are recruiting better in the boot than previous coaches


Excited for the commitment but am I the only one who get’s annoyed when someone uses the phrase “taking my talents?” Just sounds so pretentious. It’s not just recruits, I get annoyed when professionals do it too. Maybe it’s just one of those “Kids get off my lawn” moments

(Brad) #11

Well Lebrun started it. They are, in fact, being recruited for their football talents.

(09Frontiersmen) #12

Kobe said it way before LBJ.


You’re really helping my case that it’s kind of a douchey thing to say, Kobe is an all timer in that category

(Ray ) #14

Definitely a kids get off my lawn moment. Let him have his shine. You deserve yours in your little moments. We all do.

(A.R. ) #15

Say what you want about Kobe or LeBron. But we should refrain from “douchey” when referencing a teenager.


Smoke if you got ‘em and we got him.


me too, yes you said it!!!

(Thomas) #18

Sounds like “smoke” has some huge confidence or cockiness in him!!! Hope he turns out to be fire and not “smoke” and mirrors…


I’m curious to know how will Brown’s statement go over on the existing running back core that the coaches said he has a chance to start early. To me, that means starting as a freshman.

I guess what it really means is that the existing running back core better work their butts off because this coaching staff is not playing around.

(CoogNation_14) #20

247 says his 40 time is 4.96. This can’t be right.