[BOOM!]Reggie Chaney commits to UH!


Side note to this…extremely classy crowd at UA! Everything I’ve read has been very complimentary and wish Reggie well as he moves on from Fayetteville.


6’8" 225 nice!
4* coming out of HS


Not sure he can shoot but he can get to the rack…looks very athletic! I think this guy plays a lot if he can pass the ball to an open guard at the 3


Read though article.

Getting a waiver should be a slam dunk

Except you never know with the NCAA…


we see what you did there - but I am curious, since the whole waiver process seems opaque to me, why do you think Mr. Chaney will, errr - score his waiver and be eligible?

They have a very underrated fan base. They love hoops and are very knowledgeable. Sat close to some a few years ago when UH beat them badly at TSU and they still were cool to talk with.


That 19-20 highlight vid shows that he is very comfortable using his left or right hand. Seems very versatile and active around the basket. Might be a great combo of pick and roll with Grimes or Mills.

Because if he hadn’t transferred that leaves them one over the limit.
I don’t believe they added any transfers after he made his announcement.

This seems like a really solid pickup for front court depth.

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I love his “tear the rim off the backboard” mentality. He looks like a dog in the paint and that fits perfectly in the CKS system.

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I like that he has an extra year of eligibility and will be able to be paired with White when he is back.


And an inch taller…

Filled an immediate need.

Feeling much better about next (this) season assuming he gets a waiver.

Hopefully the OU and OK State offers help some less certain about this pickup feel better.

All things equal I was hoping for a floor spacing big but I like this pickup a lot, nonetheless. Just seems in the mold of slightly undersized bigs we’ve had here that get after it on the glass and can defend even bigger than they are. Really like that he has two years of eligibility as well.

Yes, two years of eligibility is precious when building a program like ours.

He’s really athletic and strong at 225lbs.

Great add for the big man rotation even-though his height isn’t dominating. That’s going to be a lot of big bodies coming at ya. And I can’t wait !!!

He’s the equivalent of a JUCO signee. He appears to have the physical and performance metrics to become a solid defensive presence on the court.

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