Briles contract details

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Tom I think before i type. As im sure you do too. Just because you disagree doesnt mean you’re right. I made a comparison about what they inherited. If you have a problem with that fine but all im saying is to give the guy a chance and not wait for the first opportunity to call for his head when we lose. We werent exactly stacked when he inherited the program he’s called it out before. If it wasnt a frustration why even speak on it? because its similar team wise. The first two years Sampson was here did alot of people not say the NIT was a joke to play in?

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Well couple things but don’t want to go into long discussion. First and foremost I’m a CMA backer and always have been. You automatically lumped me with the haters n he has to go…I’m the opposite and like his leadership style. Now he just needs to quit leaving a couple W’s on the table ea year bec that will get the oven Hot. My comments were more on coaching styles, methods that he was opposite from Kelvin imo. And on taking over program CKS was left w 5 players at his first meeting as UH Coach…yep 5 everyone else left. He started from scratch and had a dump of arena to show potential recruits. Major had taken over decent roster w new stadium. It’s ok if we don’t agree.


I think with Briles’ new contract there is no buyout after 2019 if he leaves to be a head coach. Not sure what it is if he leaves to be a coordinator at another school.


Have you ever watched him on the sidelines? He gets fired up when you would expect a coach to get fired up, like a blown call by the refs that kills our drive or gives new life to the other team.

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The way coaches salaries are going, will we see young boys’ dreams of playing in the NFL replaced with dreams of becoming a Div I assistant coach?

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Your point was well articulated and didn’t need this one line. This is how we lose the focus on the discussion and go down the personal attack road. Anyway…carry on

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I agree with your point actually and can accept that one line had no place in my comments. I’m well over 40 :grin: so need take responsibility.

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Contract shows Briles is here for one more year to team with King and once again have an offensive juggernaut. This will setup Briles nicely after next year. Nothing wrong with it. At least we know it now.

Our success next year will be based on who we bring in at DC and if we can get a couple JCs, grad transfers, or freshman go elevate our defense.

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They weren’t mediocre in 2007? 7-6 is mediocre. Trying to make them look better because of the OC that year?

2008 is when they stopped being mediocre

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Corrected my statement on Clements above to $400k.


What is non-salary compensation?

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Boosters, Tillman Fertitta money!

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Like when CTH was here from what I remember his salary was only like 850-875k that was paid out of UH books. Rest pd by the deep pockets.

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Yeah is that a bonus or incentives?


I used to feel the same way, getting upset being a stepping stone. I’ve completely changed my mind. Until UH can get the money that the “elite” conference schools get, we cannot compete $$ wise. Our best years were with stepping stone coaches. Now, I welcome it.

So, no more continuity wishes for me. If bigger programs are coming after our coaches, that means we’ve had a great year, not years like the past two seasons. It just means that our AD has to constantly be reviewing the top OC’s and DC’s of the big programs who want to become head coaches.

Then, we can structure the contracts to always have our financial coaching budget increase with each buyout. Our coaches become very nice financial assets for the athletic department.

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No incentives to reach. Briles will get his 700k regardless. Very common throughout College athletics. No how, no way is all of 10 mil coming out of A&M budget to pay Fisher annual salary. Same thing when Boosters aren’t happy w certain coach they will try to come up w the buy out $$.

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When they leave too quickly it ensures bad years to follow because of talent loss on the field. They have to be here four years to prevent that from happening.


Travis Bush gives you s thumbs up…